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Dec 7, 2009 06:32 AM

Best deals on appliances in GTA?

I'm re-doing my kitchen and looking for appliances. I imagine others have gone through the process on this board and may have found some good deals on appliances. Any locations you're willing to share would be appreciated. looking for higher end stuff (but not viking or anything that pricey).

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  1. Try Caplans on Weston Road. There is also Goemans which has several stores in the west end of the GTA. Goemans (at least the Dundas and Winston Churcill location) has a really good selection of higher end kitchen appliances. I suspect however that you might find better prices at Caplans.

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      I'm sure this 'post' will get removed sooner rather than later but for us (we totally gutted our Kitchen 3 years ago) we bought everything (including a large LCD for the Den) at "Appliance Canada" was quite a distance north from us (we live near the Annex) but it was made really worthwhile by the salesperson (Viktor). They actually beat the prices we got from Caplan's and Tasco by a longshot and the service/delivery was without any problem for them to deliver 'downtown'.....The only thing we bought that we don't like is the Bosch stove....too NOISY when baking..internal fan is always on, cannot turn it off and it is just a large item like Turkey is 4 hours of audio-hell, to say nothing of doing a large Brisket for 6 hours!!!

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        We bought a new house three years ago. I went to Appliance Canada on the advice of friends. The salesman didn't seem too interested in what I wanted. Ended up buying from Tasco in Mississauga whose all in price beat the pre -tax price from AC. I would suggest knowing what you want before you go, and hope you get the good salesman...

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        I bought a front-load washer/dryer set a few years back and they had the best price AND they would match any advertised prices at other retailers (including the likes of Bad Boy, Leons, etc.). They provided installation, free delivery, and took away my old set (none of this leaving it by the curb as other retailers were going to do). Worth a try. Check out their scratch and dent section for some really good deals.

      3. There is a Blue Star range at Costco for about $2200, and a range hood for $250. They may have more medium range things on line.

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          I thought it was brought back down to $1899, or did the price of it go up again?

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            Well, that's better than the price I noticed a few weeks ago. It is a substantial gas stove, apparently associated with Garland. I wonder if the convection fan is noisy?

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              no clue if this link will upset the chow gods.

              Yes the home division of Garland was sold off to Bluestar. They're using open burners, vs sealed burners of most other home units.

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                Wow...that's a nice stove. I'm going to call around to see if they have it in stock.

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                  I have seen that stove at the mississauga costco. I do not think that it is a dual fuel model. Based on what i have read on the cookware boards, dual fuel is desirable if the oven is going to be used a lot.

          2. If you are using a contractor to re-do the kitchen, you should consider checking what prices he can get as many get big discounts from the distributors.

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              Yes this is true...I asked my husband how we got to Appliance Canada because I had forgotten and yes, we did go through our Contractor..we just went to the store, met with Viktor whom our contractor had called previous to our visit....the choices were made with the help of a 'salesperson' but the cost was negotiated with Viktor.
              I'm sure a person could just call ahead and say that they had been told by friends to speak with Viktor etc. Worth a try IMO.

            2. Have had great service at Tasco. They have a really wide selection of higher-end appliances, and they will also match prices from other places. Their delivery and installation guys were very good too.

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              1. re: Crepes Suzette

                Tasco is fine until you need service. Their customer service is the WORST!
                If you don't believe me, just google the reviews for them.

                We bought a stove and dishwasher from them 3 years ago. The two times I've needed service it was a nightmare. This last time, today, was the final straw.

                After waiting a long time on hold someone answers the phone only to say, hold the line please. What??? I've just been on hold five minutes, why pick up if you aren't in a position to help? Finally I speak with an agent and tell him I would like a service call on my stove. He immediately begins to talk me out of it, saying may not be anything wrong with the calibration, etc. I tell him it's been 3 years, never serviced, I bought the extended warranty and now I would like someone to come and look at it. He then tells me "if nothing is found wrong, I will be charged for the service call"!!! I am very annoyed at this point. Then he tells me he'll have someone from customer service contact me within the next 48 hours to set up an appointment. Talk about lousy service!!!

                All I'm saying is do your homework before you purchase from Tasco. They do not stand behind their products and it's virtually impossible to speak with anyone that cares once the applicance is delivered.

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                  i consistently find sears as the best, for price and customer service. Only the selection is a bit limited. But they will beat prices too.

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                    We just did our kitchen last year and we purchased our appliances from the Sears Outlet. They have appliances that have been returned or have some small defect (although there some that have large defects) like a scratch or dent.
                    You cannot beat the prices and can get some very good deals.

              2. I was using the glass top range to do a little kitchen prep work and shattered the glass. Replacement cost was over $450. Since the unit was the last original appliance in the house we decided to upgrade. I looked at Appliance Canada, where the real deals are in the back room, where they stock items with scratches or that were purchased but returned for some reason. In the end I got a great "boxing day" deal at Sears. The range I bought was over $600 off the original price.