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Dec 7, 2009 06:08 AM

Impressed By Yas Market and Cafe - Rockville, MD

Stopped by one evening last week for dinner at the Yas Market and Cafe in the Ritchie Center on Rockville Pike. Yas Cafe sits in the same space previously occupied by Sam's market.

Yas has a rather extensive menu of Persian dishes - many kabob platters and daily specials. A simple dining area and friendly, home-style service were pleasant.

Dinner began with a plate of small, obviously homemade dolmeh and a really nice Shirazi salad. My entree was a combination kubideh and chicken kabob platter with rice - flavorful and nicely presented.

Didn't have any desert or even remember to look, but Yas Cafe is "connected" to "Yasaman Bakery" in the same strip mall. Yasaman has specialized in Persian pastry for years.

This place is definitely Chowhound-worthy! I was really impressed and will return there soon. I hope others will give them a shot. If you enjoy a place like Moby Dick, try Yas Cafe and tell other Chowhounds what you think.

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  1. Amoo's in Mclean is really good too. Persian reviewers have claim its the best kabob they've had anywhere -- including Iran, and the east and west costs. Their rice & kabob entrees are pretty incredible, especially the Shirin Polo and Zereshk Polo.

    I posted this earlier, but here is a map of other east & south asian markets in our area

    East Asian -- (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai/Viet/Malay/Philippine/Burmese/Indonesian/etc)

    South Asian/Middle Eastern/Mediterranean:
    (Indian, Arab, Mediterranean, Persian, Afghan/Paki, etc

    1. In my experience, the grocery is not exactly friendly to non-natives, although the restaurant is. Try Yekta Kabaob (1488 Rockville Pike) for the best Persian restaurant and grocery in suburban MD. (For some reason this place is always under the radar.)

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        I went a few months ago. I was unimpressed by Yas market (especially in comparison to Yekta market, which seemed to have much better selection and appeared cleaner) but LOVED the cookies at Yasaman Bakery nearby.