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Dec 7, 2009 05:53 AM

Need to send citrus as a gift-- places you recommend?

We are new to FL and I have several friends/relatives who want citrus for Christmas. We are in Tallahassee. Does anyone know a local or online store that sends especially good citrus (wide variety, maybe even organic though that's not necessary).


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    Not near you but they have a wonder variety of fruits.

    1. Harvey's Ruby Red Grapefruits are always top rate.

        1. Orange Blossom Groves in Clearwater is a wonderful citrus/fruit stand with fresh juices too. I've shopped there since childhood. For some reason their web address is under a different name:

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            Meatn3, that's because they are no longer in business. I worked for them for 10 years(at another place they owned), and they sold the biz several years ago.

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              Unfortunately, I don't think they are as good as they when they used to Orange Blossom. Now I think it is called Citrus Country. I always have shipped from the US 19 and Nursery location but not going to this year.

            2. Thanks so much for the tips everyone! I went with Harvey's b/c they were offering free shipping, though Sun Harvest seemed to have the best prices per pound.