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Dec 7, 2009 05:41 AM

seafood pot-pie recipes? tips?

hi all,

i'm having some friends over for a pre-holiday get-together and thought i'd make seafood pot-pies (wavering between individual ones or a couple of larger dishes). i'm expecting 8-10 people so larger ones will probably be easier to manage.

would like to do a combo of scallops, shrimp and lobster meat. i have lobster stock on hand to use in the sauce but, other than that, was going to wing it for the most part. for veggies i was thinking of using leeks, carrots, oyster mushrooms and peas.

does anyone have any tried and true recipes they could share? also, i definitely do not want to overcook the seafood but assume i can prepare the sauce and throw the seafood in last minute and just heat through in the oven (will use puff pastry dough for the top)

thanks in advance!

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  1. Barefoot contessa recently did a lobster pot pie that looked out of this world (and I don;t like Lobster!) look on the foodnetwork for the method, spices etc and you're probably good to go!

    1. Have a look at this:

      It's delicious, and easily adapted to your own tastes (for instance I leave out the eggs).

      1. Personally, I think you have a great idea already lined up and the perfect tip (which you probably already know) is just to make sure you have a flavorful bechamel sauce in which to put your seafood being that it's expensive. Some people like to add a shot of cognac to the sauce but it's not really necessary if it's well seasoned....

        1. Two thoughts...

          First, consider pre baking the pastry tops cut out to the shape of your serving dish/es on a sheetpan .

          Second, pre-bake the pastry in the bottom of the serving dish/es like pie crusts.....and serve the pot pies *Open*. This is how I have had Lobster and Seafood pot pies served in many restaurants in the past.

          1. thanks everyone! both recipes from ina and jamie look fantastic! i'm sure i can combine for a great dish. i might forego pernot just because i'm not sure everyone will dig it in the crowd but white wine should work, i would think
            great suggestion about pre-baking the tops for the pies! that would help alleviate my fears about overcooking the seafood
            thanks again!

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              For a more impressive presentation, do not pinch the pastry dough and allow them to rise when baked,,,,,the finished result will be tops 3/4 to an inch thick , and needless to say, very flaky.