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Dec 7, 2009 05:04 AM

Miffed by Coffee Elitist Barista

Am I expecting too much?

I went to a nice coffee place in town, not fancier than your average cafe and I asked for a dry Cappuccino, because last time I got what I would consider a latte. I was then told that they don't "texturize" their milk there. So I said then can I have more foam than milk? I was told by the perky little barista "Just try it and see what you think."

So I ended up with a Latte with wet foam so they can do their little design on the top. I did not want a latte, I don't like them that much. When I go to an Italian Cafe I don't have to ask for a dry Cappuccino its dry enough. I doubt I'm going back there (there is a supermarket cafe that serves a local roaster down the block), but Did I have unreal expectations? That I should get the drink that I wanted?

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  1. Go back only if you were irked.

    1. No, your expectations were fine. The barista just didn't know what they were doing. You should have given the drink back and told her you think you got a latte and if you had wanted a latte you would have ordered a latte.

      1. I usually find that simply requesting less milk works. Most cappuccino is too milky for my tastes, but trying to specify foam vs no foam, etc, hasn't worked for me.

        But if it were me I probably would've returned it. She said, "Just try it and see what you think." You did, and you thought it wasn't good -- she should've made you a new one.

        1. You didn't get what you asked for and were invited to "just try it and see what you think." You tried it and did not think much of it. Therefore you had every right to go back, politely explain that you tried it and didn't like it, and ask for what you ordered or for your money back.

          1. a latte and cappuccino are not differentiated by "dry" or "wet" foam.

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              This is true, but in many U.S. establishments the two are almost interchangeable, except the "latte" has no foam. This is why, if I want a cappuccino, I almost always ask for "less milk." Either way they're going to give me a lot of foam, but as long as the espresso beneath it is not too milky I don't care.

              I've even had servers warn me something along the lines of, "Well, okay, but you know the cup won't be full!" I have to reassure them that I don't want a full cup, I want a strong cappuccino! Sometimes I've even just given up and ordered espresso with steamed milk on the side. This gets funny looks but whatever.