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Dec 7, 2009 04:45 AM

HELP!!!! Need Saturday lunch banquet room for 150

Funeral is this Saturday. We're looking for a place near Rose Hills in Pico Rivera that can hold 150 people. We don't want it at an all-you-can-eat buffet place, and many of the Chinese restaurants with a banquet room don't do Saturday at lunch because that is prime dim-sum money making time. Our go-to place, Sambi, stopped doing Saturday lunch. The only place I can think of is New Garden in Rowland Heights, but my relatives are not too excited about it. Any help?

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      1. re: nomo_fan

        That's going to be difficult. Perhaps you can reserve a whole restaurant (one that does not serve dim sum). How about Seafood Village in Temple City? If you take up 15 tables (10 per table), that would take up most of the restaurant. You might need to pay for 15 tables, and if you end up with fewer than that, they'll probably give you credit toward a future meal. At any rate, contact them or another other similarly-sized restaurant.

    1. Happy Harbour in Rowland Heights would be an option. Call ahead, you would have to reserve at least half of the restaurant, but doable.

      Another optino would be Cima in the City of Industry.