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Dec 7, 2009 03:35 AM

Pubs on Christmas Eve/Day East London and City

Does anyone know any good pubs around East London or City that will be open on Xmas eve and Xmas day? From what I understand most or many pubs in london are open on Xmas eve, but that Xmas day is a bit more rare, and even then generally only for a few hours during the day. Is this correct?


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  1. Quite a lot of pubs in the City close at weekends as there aren't many people around, so I would have thought very few, if any, will be open on xmas day. You may have more luck as you move out of the City and further east but I think to be safest, you'd have to phone any particular ones you were interested in to check.

    1. A lot of places will be closed on Xmas Day, especially in the City. You'd be well advised to dlo your research well, and book in advance. Where exactly are you staying?

      FWIW, a friend had Xmas lunch a couple of years ago at Gordon Ramsay's pub on the river in Docklands, and enjoyed it.

      1. On Christmas Day the tradition was for village pubs to open for an hour or two at lunchtime to enable the regulars to pop in for a quick drink between church and lunch so that everyone could wish each other happy christmas. As others have said, if there are few residents then the chances of them opening are very slim unless they are doing a Christmas lunch. So look for pubs in residential areas.

        On Christmas Eve the same will apply, as pubs in the centre will be impacted by the tube and train network closing for Christmas.

        1. I can recommend plenty of pubs that will be open for Christmas Eve in East London, but can you narrow down what you are after? i.e. real ale, good food, a buzzy/sceney place, old school boozer etc?

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            To be more clear, I live in Bethnal Green. I wasn't sure if open pubs were hard to find or not. I assumed especially xmas day would be difficult. I am not worried about food or even atmos. Just will be entertaining a friend so was hoping things would be open so we could get out of the house. Was hoping maybe the Palm Tree or the Royal Oak might be open. Especially looking for xmas day suggests as xmas eve is apparently somewhat common in residential areas.

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              The Royal Oak hasn't been open the past few years so I would doubt it will be this year - would be worth checking first. The Marksman on Hackney Road could be worth trying - they have been promoting a Xmas lunch but not sure if they mean Xmas day. Think you might just need to get on the phone to ring around I'm afraid!

          2. I have been doing the same search but in west london. Google hasnt been a huge help in taking me directly to sites that offer christmas day lunch but i did seem to find some options eventually. I found that quite a few youngs pubs are open & serving lunch. have a look at and use the search filter to selct your area it will bring up the links to the individual pubs, from there you will see if they are open - follow the christmas link & if they have a Christmas Day menu you are in luck.

            I have also found the time out website useful by going to pubs listed in the area for suggestions & visiting their websites.

            If you want something a little different - I wasnt able to convince my friends to leave the turkey in favour of some modern indian - however the Cinnamon Club in the city is open. Have eaten there 2x and amazing food & experience both times.