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Dec 7, 2009 03:10 AM

New Italian Restaurant in Yountville -- Cantinetta Piero

Stopped in briefly late last night for wine at the bar of the new Piero, in the new Hotel Luna. Didn't eat but the menu looked like classic Italian with a respect for simplicity of ingredients. Saw an outrageous "board" of assorted salumi, an enormous braised pork shank that looked good.
I'll return to dine. Wonderful wine selection, and very nice wines by the glass.

Tel 707 944 8080
6774 Washington St.
Yountville, CA 94599

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    1. re: celeryroot

      No, Laura Cunningham's new place is named Vita and is still in the planning stages. Vita will be just a few doors down from Piero, though, at 6725 Washington St. in Yountville, in the building that formerly housed Pere Jeanty, Phillipe Jeanty's restaurant.

      1. re: maria lorraine

        Thanks for reporting. Their sister restaurant, Luca, in Carmel, for Carmel touristy standards, is very good. I've been aware that they were working on something in Yountville but thought it was much further from opening. The same group also owns Auberge d'Carmel.

    2. Laura Cunningham's restaurant is in process at least as they have knocked down the former building on the site. We ate at Cantinetta Piero about a week ago (they had been open four days). The service was friendly but not very polished or professional (not surprising since they had just opened). That's the bad part. The good part...the FOOD. We really enjoyed our dinner. We had the chicken liver crostini, spaghetti with clams and roast chicken. All were truly wonderful, simple food. We sat in the official dining area with the barrel vault and it was really tight. I actually loved the look of the main room and think next time I would opt for one of the taller four tops in the bar.

      Very welcome addition to the north end of Yountville!!

      1. Was finally able to stop in at the new Cantinetta Piero (at Hotel Luca) in Yountville last night. I've heard nothing but great things about the food, so I had to see for myself. I was NOT disappointed. The friendly hostess led me to the pizza bar, in which I could watch the kitchen do their thing. The POLPO (baby octopus, salame and potato) appetizer was amazing. My server suggested the BURRATA cheese appetizer (sea salt and crostini) which just melted in my mouth -yum! I was already full, but had to try the beautiful pizzas that were being made in front of me. I op'ed for the VONGOLE pizza.... wow! I was a bit hesitant to try a clam and bacon pizza, but so glad I did. Ate the whole thing, wanted to try more but will save the main entrees for when I bring my family back in. I suggest reservations, as it was pretty busy but because I was a "singleton" there was room. The service staff was great, very professional. I will be back soon... can't wait!

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          Cantinetta Piero at the Hotel Luca
          6774 Washington St, Yountville, CA 94599

          1. re: teejaymoore

            Have been here several time food and wine has been spectacular. The service has been very good and professional all but on one occasion. Vita will be located directly next door south of Cantinetta Piero. They tore the entire building down that used to house several restaurants most recently Pere Jeanty. They broke ground a week or two ago and is slated to open in the spring. Good luck on that! Oh and I wouldn't call it LC's place more like TK''s place.