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Dec 7, 2009 01:03 AM

Sorabol - New Malden

This is another name to add when it comes to good Korean offerings in New Maldon. We had a delicious dinner there last week and will certainly return. Service is speedy and efficient, and I liked their website that shows a photo of almost every dish offered on the menu.

Meat or chicken bulgogis are cooked at the table. We had the chicken which was beautifully marinated but next time I'll try the beef. We also had a delicious seafood pancake, and my husband had a main of squid served in a delicious sauce.

There's a huge menu..... and for you further to the north, it's close to the train station.

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  1. Thanks, June. May be useful for my next trip to the National Archives - I'm getting bored with the offerings in Richmond & Kew.

    I had to Google for New Malden as I hadnt heard of it before. You learn something every day - apparently it has Europe's largest community of ex-pat Koreans.

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    1. re: Harters

      I was there last Wednesday and had a nice meal. Normally I go to the Hamgipak cafe down the road, but this turned out to be closed on Wednesdays, so I made the detour to the Sorabol restaurant instead.

      I had the Dolsot Bibimbap, which was quite nice. The waitress was also very friendly. Note that they do include the traditional side dishes for free, so unlike some restaurants in Central London, you don't need to order them separately. :)

      1. re: deansa

        We've been to Hamgipak, too, and like it but I think Sorabol might be just a step up, plus it has more tables which is sometimes an advantage. The sides were very nice. I really liked the marinated cucumbers and whatever that jelly-like thing was... very tasty. I think we'll try the Palace, too, at some point.

        1. re: zuriga1

          Yeah, Hamgipak is more of an quick-in quick-out cafe with benches and a fairly limited menu, whereas Sorabol is more a white-tablecloth restaurant. I'm keen to try some of the BBQ items on the Sorabol menu, as you make them sound yummy. Perhaps I'll organise a chowdown in the new year!

      2. re: Harters

        You're welcome, John. We're never too old to learn! Yes, there are a tremendous amount of Korean markets in New Malden, plus all the eating places. We also went into a very well-stocked, Asian (as in Indian) shop, and I will get back there some time to spend more time. The owner was very friendly and helpful. New Maldon is straight off the A3, so it's easy to reach.