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Dec 6, 2009 09:54 PM

Hillbilly's BBQ in Charlotte

Noticed they are opening up in the old Carolina Country spot on Tyvola. It seems to be the 3rd location of this Gaston county based restaurant. I've seen the one right off 85 (Lowell / McAdenville exit), with the requisite wood smoke billowing out. Anyone have any info on this place? Will they be burning? Has anyone eaten at either of the other locations? Their website mentions mesquite wood in one section, which sounds very unappetizing. Then I saw hickory mentioned elsewhere which made me feel better. Not sure what to expect.

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  1. They catered a lunch that I attended recently and I was not impressed. The bbq was not great and I really didn't enjoy their sauce.

    They served cobbler for dessert that was absolutely revolting. It was not homemade - some sort of frozen, gummy stuff.