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what is eVe in Berkeley?

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A few times now I have passed what looks like a restaurant on University Ave. in Berkeley, just west of Chocolatier Blue, called Eve. or eVe. When I walked by a week or so ago, there was no menu or suggestion of what it served in the window, and I can't find any website or reference to it here or on yelp. Has anyone been to this place? What's the scoop?

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  1. There was an item about it in the Chron last month. 28 seats, "New American," prix-fixe format. Sounds Commis-ish. Chefs are from Miami and Chicago via Colorado. Gayot says three courses for $33, five for $55 and seven for $77, lunch Mon.-Sat., dinner Tues.-Sat.


    1. I snapped a photo of the menu last night while waiting for the bus:


      Sorry about the glare from the flash.

      1. Eater reports it opened last week.