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Dec 6, 2009 08:09 PM

Anyone Ever Grown Purslaine in Pots?

I understand that purslaine grows prolifically, but I am wondering if anyone has ever grown it in pots?

Also wondering if I can grow it year round in Southern California?

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  1. Purslane is a wild, edible weed that grows prolifically in many parts of the country. It tends to send out runner roots, which leads me to believe it would be happier in the ground as opposed to a pot.
    It is also self-seeding, so if you plant it once, you will likely get successive crops from year to year.
    My friend has a farm up north in Sonoma and she can harvest wild purslane from mid-Spring until maybe mid-Summer. It's not something I see around the Farmer's markets in the Fall or Winter or on Caliornia menus this time of year.
    I've also seen it do well in Utah, but again in the Summer time.
    Where did you find seeds?

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      Thanks for the info rabaja. I haven't bought any seeds yet, but dozens of places sell the seeds on the Internet. Here is just one example

      Sounds like I should wait until March to give it a try.

      1. re: rabaja

        I live about 20 Miles from Utah, and it does well here too. Nobody I know plants the stuff on purpose. The seeds come in the Irrigation water.

        I think I have seen it at garden centers that carry a good selection of seeds.

      2. Yes I have a 14 inch pot that I let it self seed in. It spills over the side and grows like crazy from spring to the fall when it dies back. It thrives on neglect, if I see it droopy I give it some water and it comes rite back. I grow the wild one some where I read that the other up right varietals do not taste as good. Have not tried them so I do not know for sure. I know Territorial seeds caries two types.

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        1. re: Jay D.

          Jay D, thanks for the info. I just checked Territorial seeds, but didn't see any purslaine seeds. I am excited about growing purslaine. When do you think I should plant for Southern California?

          1. re: omotosando

            Just put it in a moist soil, and it will do just fine, and self-seed. In SoCal, you should be able to plant at any time. It will tolerate drought as well, so don't worry if it's wilting--it will come right back. It truly is a weed of a plant.

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              Plase don't think I'm being critical but it's spelled 'purslane'- no i- and a company search engine may not be strong enough to find it with an extra letter. Good luck.

          2. I have purslane coming up in pots of succulents unbidden, so I'd be pretty shocked if it didn't grow well being planted intentionally.

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              What does it taste like, EWS? Bitter, like dandelion? Grassy like parsley? Thanks! I want to try it!

            2. Territorial seeds has two kinds of purslane. Garden and golden. I just grow the wild stuff that popped up in my yard. I'm sure you can plant now and put the pot in a protected area by the house or fence. Or cover the pot with some fabric and make a little green house like thing. This is the link to Territorial page with the purslane.


              1. There are so many microclimates in California that length of purslane season is going to vary a lot.
                I'm in east Tennessee and purslane appears here in spring, moist soils, gentle winds and generally is gone when summer heat sets in.
                If my instincts are correct, your defining variables will be soil moisture and air temperature/humidity.