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Dec 6, 2009 07:38 PM

Best Frito Pie in Texas

Stumbled across this article and it got me to thinking.What is the best Frito Pie in Texas. Extra points for incorporation of brisket and chopped 1015's.

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  1. The best frito pie is sold at any Pop Warner fall football consession stand in Texas. The original is always the best...

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    1. re: SAguy

      came in to say the same thing. the best frito pie is what you buy from the boosters on a friday night in October.

    2. Tolbert's in Grapevine is pretty great.

      1. Wow. Awesome topic. I think the last one I had was 20 years ago at Pottsboro or Sherman High School watching the Von Erichs.

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        1. re: jgradieoakes

          kelleys country cooking has a good frito pie five locations in the houston area

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            I've never tried Kelley's frito pie. I tried their chili cheese fries and didn't really care for the chili so much. I almost always get their fried catfish or their fried shrimp. They have an awesome deal on fried shrimp and they are Gulf shrimp. Very good and a dozen shrimp plus sides for $10. It's more than I can eat, a lot more.

        2. Chapman Chile Parlor in East Dallas make chilli from scratch with no beans and no tomatoes and with bison. Get the HOT and you will love it!

          1. For my money, the best Frito pie is the plainest most corn-pone Frito pie. And the way to get that is simply dump a sack of Fritos in a large baking dish, heat up a pan of Wolf Brand Chili (Hot and no beans, needless to say), pour that evenly over your Fritos, and then cover with copious quantities of extra sharp cheddar and diced raw yellow or white onions. Bake in a 375 oven until cheese is melted, pour yourself a tall glass of iced tea and you've got as good a downhome Texas dinner as you could possibly want.

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            1. re: Perilagu Khan

              Perilagu Khan
              I'll be over around 8 tonight.Please have lots of Pearl iced down.I'll bring my Von Erich's dvd boxset.

              1. re: scrumptiouschef

                By all means drop by for a spell. Hope you don't mind Buddy Holly, The Flatlanders and old ZZ Top.