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Dec 6, 2009 07:20 PM

Gluten Free dining in Middlesex county

My wife was diagnosed with Ciliacs disease. We are having trouble finding restaurants that servr gluten free food. Any ideas? We live in woodbridge but dont mind traveling a little ways to find a good place. We are also looking for places to eat a reasonable lunch at. Thanks

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  1. Not far from the southern Middlesex County Line. Never eaten their gluten-free food, but they're serious about it.. they have separate utensils and preparation area for it.

    There's also, which appears to be a listing of gluten free restaurants.. there are 19 in Middlesex county, though most appear to be chains (and Piquant is out of business).

    1. This is totally not in Middlesex County... but if you ever find yourself in South Jersey, Pasta Pomodoro in Voorhees has an extensive gluten-free menu (see pages 9-10 of the menu on their website). They sponsor some celiac dining events and have won awards for their GF cooking. I haven't had any of their GF items but their regular food is delicious! Service can be hit-or-miss on weeknights but is pretty reliable on weekends.

      1. Just got this email ad for Gluten Free dining on Tuesdays at Chimney Rick Inn in Bridgewater. It's just past the Middlesex County border off off 22.

        1. Main Street Trattoria has a gluten free menu (Metuchen).
          I think Bonefish Grill on Rt 1 across from the mall has one also.
          Skylark Diner in Edison on Rt 1 accommodated my multi food allergic son (allergic to wheat and barley and others but not celiac, is ana, carries epi) in November.

          1. Not in Middlesex, but this may be helpful if you are in Somerset or Hunterdon Counties: The front page of the March 4, 2010 Hunterdon County Democrat has an article that a chef at Alfonso's 202 (Raritan Township, east of the Flemington Circle) developed a gluten free pizza dough. In addition to selling gluten free pizza at the Raritan Alfonso's, the article mentions that the Alfonso's in Somerville also sells the gluten free pizza, and that the dough can also be purchased frozen. Good luck.

            Here is link to article, I think: