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Dec 6, 2009 07:19 PM

Comerc 24 Tasting Menu Wine Question

My understanding from the restaurant's website and previous threads is that there are 2 options for the tasting menu. My question is, are wine pairings part of the menu? If not, is the sommelier helpful with wine recommendations? Lastly, will English be a problem there? We have some basic Spanish language skills but not great.

Also, what's the attire like? Would nice jeans be accetable? We weren't planning to bring any really nice clothes since we're moving around a lot all over the country.

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  1. We were there for lunch and nice jeans were perfectly acceptable, but I'm not sure if the dress code changes for dinner. I believe you have the option of wine pairings with the tasting menus. We had the tasting menu without the set wine pairings, but I can say that the sommelier was very helpful assisting us with making appropriate choices. English is no problem at all-- everyone there spoke English and after the meal we were even presented with a printed menu in English describing what we had eaten..

    We had a great meal there. Enjoy!

    1. There is no special printed wine pairing for either tasting menus. I have never noticed a sommelier present when I've eaten there. The staff is fairly knowledgeable of their wine list, therefore, they can advice you on the wines. It is not a restaurant that is stresses wine service, as for example, Drolma or Can Gaig or some of the other Michelin starred, Can Roca and Can Fabes. As for language, it depends on individual server, some speak more English than others but there I've never encountered it to be a problem.
      Comerc24 is lively and draws a very well dressed younger crowded. One will fit right in with nice jeans and a good pair of shoes.