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Dec 6, 2009 06:14 PM

Knight Salami Company (San Diego)

They're not a restaurant but they are a local source for hand made artisan cured meats such as salamis which I've seen sold at several of the local farmers' markets here in San Diego. I do like the taste of their salamis and you can tell that they're a quality product but, as happy as I am to see a local maker of cured meats, their prices are just outrageous. They sell their various salamis for $12-$15 (depending on type) per OUNCE! Ouch! That's $192 for a 1lb salami.

Sure, I want to support local artisan businesses but even Katz Deli in New York City, which is world famous for their hand crafted salamis, sells salamis for 1/4 that price. I wish Knight Salami all the best as I do with all of our local fine food makers but... come on. $192 for a frigging salami is a joke, right?

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  1. According to their website, the listed products are $12-15 for a salame that averages around 12 ounces. That would make the price approximately $1-$1.25 per ounce for those products.

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      I see oerdin's confusion in the price. The prices on the website say " “Price sold per ounce, average whole salame is 12oz.”. $12.00
      It could be interpreted as $12.00/oz.

      1. re: mattrapp

        Yes, this was my mistake. It's an embarrassing mix up. Thank you for correcting me.

    2. I have bought different things from them at the farmers market in Little Italy and their prices are very reasonable. $12 is for a whole salami

      1. for the record, the correct name is the Knight Salumi Company

        1. I dropped by their table at the Farmer's Market in Little Italy on Saturday and tried three of their salumi products. They sell their salumi for $17.50 a pound, The prices are pretty reasonable given the quality, which is very good.

          1. You got the price wrong. They are outstanding salumis. I'm particularly fond of the one with fennel flavor.

            Taste Cheese and Gourmet shop at 1243 University carries Knight salumis.