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Dec 6, 2009 06:09 PM

Perigee, Rte 102, Lee MA

I had a very pleasant meal this week at Perigee, which occupies the former Sweet Basil space in Lee. They have been having a soft opening this fall. The menu was varied without being bizarre, and what came out of the kitchen was delicious. Prices seemed reasonable and portions sufficient. (I'm not looking for enormous portions.) Service was a bit tentative, but that's why they have soft openings. It wasn't stupid or surly. I look forward to return visits.

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  1. I have been now twice to Perigee. I find their food inconsistent but did enjoy their fish and chips dish. What I found inconsistent were their caesar salad (way too heavy on the dressing, it was thick, way too creamy, and way too much of it--it drowned the lettuce) and the onion soup (french onion soup should be served properly, in a small crock, with bread and melted cheese over the top --placed under the broiler). This soup was just a bowl of broth and onions (not very hot at all), with a crostini with some cheese on it. Very underwhelming. The deep fried cornish hen was acceptable, though presentation of the stuffing was lacking. The star of the night was the pear dessert with ice cream--delicious, beautiful and so simple. They have a lot of work to do --it is too difficult to only have 50% of the meal be great!!

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      Have been there once. Agree regarding the mediocrity of the onion soup. The service was a bit inattentive (the staff all seemed to be in some sort of meeting at the bar) and food takes a long time to come out. The owner is very nice though. Thought the food was good not great but we live close by so will be going back especially if things improve with time.

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        As a chef, myself, I must say that I am amazed that any one who has had the pleasure of dining at Perigee (as I have three times in the six weeks it's been open -- keep making excuses to go skiing in the Berkshires just so that I can dine there!) can use the word "mediocre;" this restaurant is a gem with some of the most innovative, varied and down-right delectable food in the Berkshires!

        The French Onion soup is a particular favorite of mine, actually -- it is served in the classic and original French style, as a Bock onion broth with an Asiago-topped croute, rather than in the Americanized (and, in my mind, far inferior) style with a slab of rubbery broiled mozzarella all over the top. I also strongly disagree with the previous poster about the Caesar Salad, which is one of the best I've ever tasted -- and the spinach salad with the honey-bacon dressing is dynamite, too!

        Love the new tapas menu, love the veal porterhouse, love the seafood risotto -- and love the fact that my significant other, who is vegetarian, has so many options from which to choose.

        Staff has always been helpful and attentive, even on busy nights -- and what a treat to come to a restaurant where the owner is not only on premises, but makes a point of coming to every table to extend a welcome (can't miss her -- cute as a button, and about 90 pounds of pure energy and enthusiasm!).

        My only problem with Perigee is that it's getting tough to get in -- apparently, I'm not the only member of its fan club!

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          I always thought gruyere was the traditional crouton topping over onion soup.

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            Didn't mind whether or not there was cheese (not sure if there is an "official" cheese for french onion soup?) on the soup, but the broth was rather flavorless.
            Hopefully my post did not sound too negative though, overall the experience was positive and food good and we will go back.