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Dec 6, 2009 06:01 PM

Charleston, SC Bday dinner. Where to go?

I'm taking my sister to Charleston after Christmas to celebrate her belated birthday. I live in California, and she lives in SC. The last time we went to Charleston we went to Magnolia's and Cru Cafe. We had a great time that weekend. I would love to treat her to a GREAT dinner, but I'm not sure where we should go. We are both cooks and love a casual feel, but I'm willing to spend high, medium, or low to give my sister a great birthday dinner. Thanks for your help.

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  1. I live in Charleston, My recommendation would be Trattoria Lucca~especially his Sunday night family dinner however I love his menu choices.

    Pane e Vino
    La Fourchette

    Have fun!!

    1. Look into for a generous review of chef Brock's efforts at McCrady's. Here is a guy who dines around the world and calls McCrady's one of a handful of great restaurants in the US.

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        I agree, McCrady's would be you best bet. Y'all ahve fun!

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          Thanks for your recommendations. It looks like we are headed to McCrady's for sure!