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Edmonton-Best Schnitzel?

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Saddened by the loss of restaurants such as Gasthaus, Gasthaus Zur Muhle and Bistro Praha, looking for great schnitzel in Edmonton preferably wiener schnitzel. Suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Without a doubt, Bauernschmaus on 99 St is what you're looking for. Excellent schnitzel and awesome house-made Austrian desserts. It's one of my favorite restaurants in Edmonton.

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      The Manor Cafe just off 124st has a really good schnitzel, we cannot remember if it is veal or pork though. They also used to serve it with really great spaetzle.

    2. I have no idea if it's great or not, but I know Barb and Ernie's has it on their menu.


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        I'd also suggest Bauernschmaus as well as Tasty Tom's for schnitzel, before trying Barb and Ernie's. I've never cared for B & E's food, except for the potato pancakes.

      2. Thanks all for your suggestions. Bauernschmaus it is!

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          Don't forget to order the apple strudel for dessert! ;)

        2. Accent European Bistro on 104th Ave. just north of Whyte.

          1. The Bistro Praha is open on 101 st , north of jasper.

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              And I had the schnitzel at the reincarnated Bistro Praha.it was very good. I have a tried a number of schnitzels recommended here since my original query. Thanks all . I might add that Continental Treat on Whyte Avenue has a very good schnitzel.