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Burger - high end in South Bay area?

Hounds, what do you recommend for best high end burger in the South Bay? I love 25 degrees but it's just too far away in both directions.

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  1. Have you tried the Buffalo fire Dept in Torrance? BFD for short.

    Here's a fancy burger for ya...
    FRIED EGG 18

    Buffalo Fire Department
    1261 Cabrillo Avenue
    Torrance, CA 90501
    310 320 2332 phone
    310 320 2333 fax

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      I don't think BFD's burgers fit the definition of "high end" based on quality of the meat. They say they use black angus but maybe it is frozen/defrosted or maybe it is their blend, but to me they taste like the burgers you get at chains like Friday's or whatnot. They are not bad, but just nothing special. I guess if you dress it up with Foie Gras then that makes it high end? The best comparison I can think of would be saying that the lobster at Red Lobster is high end just because it is lobster. It might be lobster but the quality is so poor the taste and texture is not what you would expect.

    2. Not high end but you might try B & R Burgers in Hawthorne. A one of a kind burger joint.

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        Wow this place looks great. I am definitely adding it to the list.

      2. We very much liked the burger at Second City Bistro in El Segundo, though it's been a couple of years since our last visit. I've had'em there three times, with fries and the very good house salad. Flat-grilled, which I prefer, and with the usual bit of over-dressing (which of course includes a slice of tomato whether they're in season or not) but a good bun and real cheese. Around $20 for the combo and iced tea, as I recall.

        1. The sliders at Brix are pretty good.

          1. I enjoyed the burger I had at Simmzy's in Manhattan Beach, and I believe it is also on the menu at Tin Roof Bistro, owned by the same family.

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                plus, at houston's corkage is free.

            1. My favorite high end burger in South Bay is the Chez burger at Bouzy Gastropub in Redondo Beach Riviera Village. They have an awesome burger! So juicy that you need to wipe your mouth after each bite. If you go, do not forget to order the Truffle fries which is a perfect accompaniment. Then they even have eight beers on tap and usually a few of them are seasonal, as well as many different bottled beers.

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                I concur. I am not even into burgers that much but I really like theirs. I think for me it is a texture thing. I like burgers medium rare, and they really nail the carmelized sear on the outside with the juicy (and not mushy!) center. The flavor is meaty but not gamey. They have a "Pancho" burger with large chilis as well that all my friends like. For me, I like the plain one. My gf once got their foie gras burger - she went nuts for it, but I haven't tried it.

                Chez Melange
                1611 South Catalina Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

              2. I am recently addicted to the burger at Hudson House. It comes on a pretzel bun from Rockenwagner, with grilled onions, and is soooooo good. Restraunt Christine has a great burger as well, with portobello mushroom, and blue cheese. Delicious!

                1. If El Segundo or Marina Del Rey count as the South Bay, there are branches of The Counter, the chain recently endorsed by Michael and Jane Stern of Roadfood fame:


                  The chain has had mixed reviews from Chowhounds. I like them but have had some service problems. I think their only competition quality-wise are 25 Degrees and Father's Office, compared to which the service at The Counter is stellar.

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                      One out of two ain't bad.

                      The Counter
                      700-A Allied Way, El Segundo, CA 90245

                  1. The burger at SIMMZY'S is well-made and popular. They also have the same burger at the TIN ROOF BISTRO (same owners and easier to get a table).