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Dec 6, 2009 05:22 PM

Back in San Franciscoe

Hello all!!

Coming back for 2 weeks in San Francisco. We're arriving 12/26 and leaving 1/09. Therefore we will need to eat. We try to get out there every 2 years or so, but life , work gets in the way.

This is where we've been on previous visits:

Michael Mina's
Boudins Bakery (on Fishermans Wharf)
Beach Chalet
Tratorria Contidina
Bob's chop House
Slanted Door
Rutherford Grill
Lori's Diner
Forneou Kitchen

We're open to any and all suggestion!!! A good breakfast place is needed (Lori's diner works most of the time , but something different is appreciated)

Boudins, I know is a tourist trap, but breakfast pizza is addictive. So CH's forgive me.

I'm looking for a good breakfast place, lunch is not essential, but if there are suggestions for a quick soup and sandwich , we're open. No dietary restrictions on either of our parts, so if there's someplace good let us know!

Thanks all!!

And any recomendations for New Years Eve, don't be shy!!!!!

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  1. Did you like the places you visited before? Maybe you can help focus the replies by telling us where you're staying. FYI, your list is kind of all over the map and ranges from chain chow to high end, so it's hard to know what to recommend. Try searching for "breakfast" or "brunch" on the board as this is a very well covered topic. Here's a list rworange made of Union Square spots to get you started:

    1. That is a broad range of places you've been.

      This is also a broad question. I'll list my favorite restaurants in the city...

      Very expensive:
      La Folie (Provencal French)
      Coi (11 course ultra-modern)
      The Dining Room at the Ritz (CA-Fench, very formal by SF standards)

      Boulevard (CA)
      Ame (Japanese/Italian/French fusion)

      Moderately expensive:
      Perbacco (Northern Italian, my #1 in this price category)
      Delfina (Northern Italian)
      A16 (Southern Italian)
      Piperade (Basque w/ CA accents)
      Fringle (French w/ Basque accents)
      Aziza (Moroccan w/ CA accents)
      NOPA (CA)

      Moderately priced:
      Troya (Turkish)
      Helmand Palace (Afghani)

      1. New Year's Eve is seldom about the food, so I'd go one place for dinner then somewhere else afterward to ring in the New Year. Even neighborhood restaurants raise their rates, reduce the menu choices and frequently have the B team cooking.

        Sign me... tired of getting ripped off on NYE!

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        1. re: waldrons

          Breakfast/brunch - Absinthe or Zuni -- opens at 11.

          Sushi - Otoro (new)

          Pizza - Delfina

          High end - Quince, Gary Danko

          I agree with Waldrons - avoid the big idea on NYE. Eat at an ethnic restaurant and try to avoid bars with $50 cover charges. :-)

        2. Thanks all! We're staying on Nob Hill, but will have a car so traveling isn't an issue. I do realize we're a bit all over the place with restaurants. Since we're from Massachusetts, a good Tex/Mex or Mexican suggestion would be nice. Also has anyone been to the Tipsy Pig? I love the name, but will only go if the food is good. I've also heard of a store called Cookin (sic), that apparently deals with antique cookware and other kitchen related items. Is it worth the trip? Thanks again all!

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          1. re: jjbourgeois

            Why not be all over the place? Our city's restaurants certainly are!

            Mexican: have lunch at Nopalito on Fell and Broderick. Nopa neighborhood. This is the best taqueria in the city right now. If in Berkeley, try Tacubaya. If you love tequilla, head over to Tres Agaves...the food is less good than what suggested before, but they make the best margaritas in town (one of the founders is from Tommy's).

            Antique cooking equipment? I am so not a fan of that stuff. Sur La Table is a great place for new stuff, and to demo all the new knives. I'm function over form, so the only antique items in my kitchen are things like Lodge pans from Grandma.

          2. The Cookin' store is on Divisidero, so you could stop by when you go to Nopalito.
            For more, and more expensive, antique cooking items, in the Ferry Building, there is Culinaire - http://www.ferrybuildingmarketplace.c...
            And a there is a nice store in Napa's Oxbow Market -