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Dec 6, 2009 05:09 PM

Fabi and Rosi Report

We finally made it to Fabi and Rosi last weekend. It was better than we had imagined. We were regulars at Zoot before it move from the building and thought it was excellent. Fabi may not be at quite that level food wise, but close and overall, it was a great dining experience for a lower tab. Wine is particularly well selected and very reasonable.

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  1. Have we now reached the point where we post a "report" and not a single word is given to the food or the drink?


    What was "better than you imagined"?

    How is Fabi and Rosi not at Zoot level "food wise"?

    What made it a "great dining experience"?

    What wine was "well selected"? What made it "reasonable"?

    What did you eat?

    What did you drink?

    Aren't these things one posts in a report?

    Here's a couple other reports.The kind where the poster describes what they ate and drank.

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    1. re: scrumptiouschef

      Scrumptiouschef (maybe a little presumptious there)....fellow hounds need no lectures from you.

      1. re: SWH

        In the holiday spirit of love and friendlieness...
        Scrumcptiouschef has a very storied yet abrupt history ( no rudeness, unless implicitly implied}. Tends to be to the point and no love lost in any aspect.

        The review he (harshly) critiqued did have very little "CHOWHOUND WORHTY INFO".

        Nothng about food, ambience, etc.

        Because I have read several of his posts, I knew he was not directly attacking the poster.

        But we all need a reminder every now and then.
        Be accurate in your foodie comments, but be very descriptive and informative.

        This site is about the food and the foodie experience.. let's keep it there.

        1. re: amykragan

          Have to agree with SWH, if we are going to be critical, I could do without much of the creative writing in many of scrumptious' posts...

          1. re: SlickTheCat

            hey, if i had my way, no idiots would post on the austin board and every post would be filled to the gills with content. you cant win em all, so grade-d posters will continue to intermittently post and scrumptious will still write essays.

            that said, if were talking about fancy restaurants, what are the top ones? a friend of mines bday is comin up and he was throwin around restaurants like chez nous and gumbos. names like fabi & rosi and zoot and uchi have always flown over my head blowing my empty wallet into the sky so i know nothing about this. help me and i will eventually regale you with my (as-of-now-nonexistent) adventures in dripping springs and oak hill!

        2. re: SWH

          Welcome to the board. Please read the following:

          If you're inclined to post a report about one of your finds there's lots of good info in the manifesto.

          Fabi and Rosi has been on my wish list for awhile now and I eagerly read the above post to glean information on what gems their menu might contain.

          No lecture was intended.Just questions from a curious hound.

          1. re: scrumptiouschef

            Keep up the good work, sc. We in CH Austin must continue to carry high the banner of MPH's mandate.

            Does Fabi and Rosi serve crumpets? Nachos? Pisco sours?

      2. I've eaten at Fabi several times since July and never fail to be impressed.

        The black-and-white-with-grey-and-sage decor and ambience is elegant, classy, unobtrusive and comfortable. Yeah, yeah, so some of the furniture looks Ikeaesque, so what. There are lots of charming little touches (like the "wall" of glass ornaments hung by fishing line, occasionally containing tropical leaves in water but usually tealights) that accent the blend of sleek modern with jazzy decadence. Definitely a good date restaurant, but also good for a group like a shower or rehearsal dinner. And I've enjoyed stopping by just for dessert after a late night at the office.

        The food is reliably good. I've had the mussels, the pork belly salad, the lobster ravioli, the steak frites, the duck confit, the cassoulet, the charcuterie plate, the trout and the truffle risotto. A consistent favorite is their fresh bread and garlic aioli (there's no butter in that, just heaven.) The portions are just enough to make you feel satiated and just shy of uncomfortably stuffed. The wine list is carefully thought out and very reasonably priced (around $20/bottle) and two can have appetizers, entrees, a bottle of wine and desserts for about $70. The desserts are very tasty-- personally I love the Belgian chocolate mousse and the chevre tart with candied Meyer lemon peel.

        The service has always been very knowledgeable, prompt, friendly without being chirpy or unctuous. Wolfgang, the owner and chef, often comes out to greet the diners at the end of their meal.

        Make reservations if you're coming at a peak hour on Friday or Saturday. Oh, and parking is simple-- right across the street in a nice lot. They also offer outdoor seating on the front patio, when the weather warms up.

        Fabi and Rosi
        509 Hearn St, Austin, TX

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        1. re: salsera

          I went there a few weekends ago and was also really impressed. Their mussels are serious-good. That with the lovely bread and aioli is a wonderful little meal. On a side note, the aioli gave me a really warm-fuzzy, as it flashed me back to my childhood visiting my grandmother in New Orleans. She'd make us yummy french bread ham sandwiches with lots of lemony home-made mayo...

          1. re: amysuehere

            Agree only been once but this lovely establishment needs/deserves more buzz

            1. re: fabulousdrinksaustin

              it was packed to the gills when I went with people waiting.