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No-Bake Holiday Treats for Kids ?

I have to help with a Montessori fundraiser, and have been charged with helping kids (two groups, one aged 4-5 and one 6-8) make a couple of no-bake desserts. I can bake and bring (as in decorating cookies) but we aren't planning on baking or cooking much there. We will be in a kitchen with a stove, sink, and microwave.

Any good ideas? I can melt stuff there as well - the ideas is we just don't want the kids actually cooking. Things that they can sprinkle on, fiddle with, and/or decorate would be great. I have 45 minutes to fill, and I would love any good ideas that people might have!

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  1. You can do rice krispy treats. Maybe gingerbread cookies and let the kids decorate? Or let the kids decorate brownie squares..

    Or what about molded chocoalates? You can get all kinds of cool plastic molds. All you would have to do is melt the chocolate in the micro.

    1. Decorating cookies is always fun for kids - the more sprinkles, icings, candies, etc the better. That may be your best bet. Sugar cookies or gingerbread shapes are traditional.

      I know you don't want to bake. I don't consider this next one baking, but it is one of my kids' favorites. Very easy & tasty, can do many variations:
      Small pretzel (square Snyder's ones work great) topped with a hershey kiss, place in low (225 ish oven) just til chocolate starts to melt. Remove & press one M&M on each kiss. My kids call them pretzel cookies. They are totally addictive. You can use holiday M&Ms, and I have also seen variations with mini peanut butter cups, caramel candies, mint chocolate candies, etc. They just need to be melted enough for the kiss to stick to the pretzel, and the 2nd candy to stick to the kiss. Not sure if you could partially melt the kisses in the micro with the same results.

      The chocolate covered peanut butter balls (buckeyes) are good too. You'd have to melt the chocolate, but there is no baking involved.

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        I was going to suggest "Pretzel Turtles" - which are similar to one of your recipes. You use the small pretzel and top it with a Rolo. Place in low oven until the chocolate is slightly soft. Then press a pecan half down into it. Apparently you can use a microwave - although the oven is easier and you can use a bigger pan.

      2. Tonight at a kids party mine decorated prebaked sugar cookies with sprinkles and ice cream cones with green or white icing and gumdrops and other candies to look like a tree...both were big hits...it was a 3 to 8 age group.

        1. You can also bring in unfrosted cupcakes that they can ice and decorate. I've done the cupcakes in wafer cones as well and kids always love them.

            1. second the recs for rice krispy treats... and kids can decorate these as well.

              you can also prebake Cookie Pizzas, then bring in frosting and other types of candies for the kids to add the "sauce and toppings" to...

              you could also do fruit dipped in chocolate, assuming you can keep the chocolate warm enough to stay liquidy and cool enough to not be too hot...

              making individual parfaits in dixie cups would be fun and easy too... just layer yogurt, crumbled cookies or granola or cereal, and fruit of choice... healthy too!

              1. I oversee several before/after school programs where there is limited cooking space. A couple "cooking" activities that have gone over well are popcorn balls (microwave the ingredients), chex mix puppy chow (no bake - just type it in the search engine for recipes), and Iron Chef type activities where you give kids a number of ingredients and they have to make up their own recipe. Not the healthiest but fun for a special occasion.

                1. Similar to Rice Krispy Treats but using Cornflakes - add green food coloring to the marshmallo/butter, stir in cornflakes - drop by spoonfools onto waxed paper and add red hots to each one. They're like little wreaths. My mom used to do this with my brother and I way back when.

                  Edited to add a link: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/christma...

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                  1. Being from Canada I have to recommend Nanaimo Bars, which are no-bake but will require the stove:


                    I haven't met a kid yet who didn't like it...

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                    1. Haystacks...does anyone remember these? Crunchy chinese or chow mein noodles mixed with melted...whatever..butterscotch chips or chocolate chips and then you let them cool on waxed paper...haven't made them in *AGES* lol...but they are very very good. There are probably a gazillion recipes for them out on the 'net. Oh, alright! Here's one such recipe:

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                        Val - I love those. Never make them. Always eat them!!!

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                          The salty-sweet-crunchy combo is so good!

                      2. Buckeyes would be easy! It'd be great for the littler ones since it's just mixing, rolling into balls, then dip into chocolate. We always have them at Christmas.


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                          I could do the chocolate in a crock pot! Thanks!

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                            When my kids were younger, we used to make holiday ornaments using graham crackers as the base, with royal icing as the glue. You can stick on anything you like, even a ribbon loop at top for hanging.