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Dec 6, 2009 04:26 PM

Seattle Pizza with Ground Sausage

I'm looking for a good Seattle (or up to Everett) New York-style pizza with ground sausge...emphasis on "ground." I find that most pizza places apply their sausage in clumps, distributing it variously around the pie. What I'm looking for is a pizza in which the sausage is ground up and distributed all over the pizza in very small gound pieces.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I haven't been in years, but Piecora's used to serve their sausage that way. Maybe another poster can verify if they still do?

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    1. re: gmm

      Yup Piecoras does. What about Delancey?

    2. All purpose pizza does their sausage this way. They also have a nice sourdough crust. I really like their pizza -- it's not New York style or Chicago style or Neopolitan style, it's just yummy. Sauce is herby and a sausage and carmelized onion pie is pretty dang terrific.

      1. Try Flying Squirrel's pizza with housemade sausage. Very good.

        1. Try Gioninni's(sp?)in the Westwood Shopping Center,SW Barton St,West Seattle.
          Owner is from the Bronx and makes REAL NEW YORK PIZZA!!!
          We used to love Piecora's but this pie beats all others for that REAL NY pie taste
          and texture,crust,sauce,etc......

          1. Seems like I had ground sausage on Pizza at Northlake, and maybe Olympia