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Dec 6, 2009 04:00 PM

Viking Professional range service/repair in SF?

My 15+ year old Viking oven is acting up; we smell gas when the oven is on. Is this something I need to get a "certified Viking service tech" to look at or will any licensed plumber do? I've read a Viking technician's service call costs $300! Also, any plumber you would recommend in San Francisco? TIA.

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  1. i highly recommend calling:

    John Lee
    Lee's Appliance

    he's in brisbane... but, came to sf to fix my stove this year. he's prompt, fair, friendly, and fixed the problem immediately.

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    1. re: ctssfo

      Thanks, ctssfo! I'll call them tomorrow morning.

      1. re: ctssfo

        ctssfo, thanks again for the referral. John Lee came by this morning and fixed our oven and gave our stove an overall check-up. Nice guy; someone who know what he is doing and does things in the good, "old fashioned" way. :)

      2. I've used Bay Area Appliance in San Mateo. They are good and seem to be charging a market rate for repairs. They don't repair all brands, but I believe Viking is one of the ones they service.