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Dec 6, 2009 03:45 PM

Nice dinner with kids near Lincoln Center

We're taking our kids to NYC (from Philadelphia) on January 2nd to see the Big Apple Circus. We should be out by 6:30, and I'd like to have a memorable family dinner afterwards somewhere nearby (walking distance, 6-8 blocks?). Our daughters are 7 and 10 and know how to behave in a restaurant. They have the usual picky tastes for kids their age, but they occasionally branch out to things like Ethiopian or Indian food. Can anyone recommend someplace that has a little Manhattan glamor or excitement, but where we won't be out of place with kids? Our price range would be entrees in the low $20's. Mom and Dad like all kinds of food, so the main considerations for us are proximity to Damrosch Park and a nice dinner experience.

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  1. You family might like Pasha, a very reliable and good Turkish restaurant an easy walk from Lincoln Center. Very reasonable, attractive, and slightly exotic, while nothing that would be unpalatable for kids...kabobs, fish, lamb with yogurt, and a very good chicken breast stuffed with rice, pine nuts, and raisins as well as delicious Turksh desserts. Note: they have a great $23.95 prix fixe that is served until 7 PM. In any case, reservations are a must.

    1. You might want to consider Jean-George's casual restaurant, Nougatine. Delicious food, excellent service, pleasant ambiance, and family-friendly. It's a short walk from Lincoln Center. We were last there for an early pre-concert dinner in August.

      Photos of our meal and of the space can be seen here:

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        Good thought, with dinner entrees from low to high 20s it could work for you. They even have a cheeseburger that is probably super if someone is feeling unadventurous. The food, surroundings, and service are all delightful!

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          Ed's Chowder Bar in the Empire Hotel is perfect. Glamorous and still great for kids. Warm service, too.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone--they all sound like great choices. Right now I'm leaning towards Pasha--we can't get into Nougatine until 7:30, and the idea of my 7-year old eating a couple of bites of her $18 hamburger and saying that she's full will probably spoil our mood! (unless Nougatine has a kid's menu with lower prices...).
        Kebabs will probably work well for our kids, and my wife will love the Turkish flavors. We'll have to save Nougatine for when my wife and I can dine their on our own!

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          Pasha's a great choice. The mezze are especially well made and one could be enough food for a younger child.

          If you want other options to look into, check out Landmarc, a family friendly option at 59th St. Columbus Circle. They have a children's menu that's not too dumbed down. There's also Fiorello's right across from Lincoln Center, which offers thin crust pizzas. I've seen a lot of children, there. In all honesty, some of the other options are sort of mediocre, especially for this price point, but the pizzas and black and white mousse are very good.

          For Indian and Mexican, respectively, the close by Sapphire and Rosa Mexicana (right across from Licoln Center) aren't too bad.

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            I think you will love Pasha. The bar area that you walk through is kind of Turkish glam, with beautiful woven rugs and pillows; the food is very good and the prix fixe has plenty of choices; great bread; friendly staff and family-friendly.

          2. Luce; Italian; 68 and Broadway