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Dec 6, 2009 03:27 PM

Need Recs for Proposal Dinner

Thinking Super Cocina won't quite cut it. What's the most romantic restaurant in SD? And is proposing over dinner cliche?

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  1. Addison would be an excellent choice. The food and service are excellent. Their menu changes daily. The atmosphere is calm and quiet. The staff is ultra-professional and would be able to make your evening special.

    The Marine Room is located practically in the ocean. The service is good. The food is good, it's just not going to be anything creative or different. The Marine Room is kind of a "go-to" place for special occasions, so they will know how to accommodate your night.

    For a left field choice, I will also recommend The Farm House Cafe on Adams Avenue. Farmhouse is a tiny, quaint, intimate little restaurant with excellent food and dedicated foodie staff. The night my husband and I dined there, our server had a 20 minute conversation with the chef about the best wine selection for our dinner. Granted, they were slow that night, but we were impressed.

    What would your intended like? Does she have an adventurous palate? Does she enjoy fine dining? You should definitely make sure the restaurant is a place she will like.

    And no, proposing over dinner is not cliche', as long as you do it right......;>

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      Addison, Addison, Addison.

      However, if you can't spend the big bucks there, Cavaillon is another option. Small, warm atmosphere, although less "privacy" than Addison.

      Mr. A's does have killer views...

    2. "What's the most romantic restaurant in SD?"

      I would throw Mr. A's in there for the view.

      Like Dagney said, I would throw Farm House Cafe as a sleeper.

      "And is proposing over dinner cliche?"


      1. Hotel Del.

        La Valencia.

        Del Mar Racetrack.

        Go old school Diego.

        1. My two cents would be that proposing over dinner in a restaurant is very cliche..
          Do you think your fiancee to be would be comfortable with lots of people watch you get on one knee and pop the question?
          Propose in a place that means something to you both..ocean, hiking, top of the Eiffel tower.
          I would propose somewhere and then take her to a wonderful dinner and stay the weekend somewhere romantic.
          Grand Del Mar Resort and Addison would be a lovely place to follow it up with dinner and a long weekend of room service and walks on the beach...

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          1. re: Beach Chick

            "Do you think your fiancee to be would be comfortable with lots of people watch you get on one knee and pop the question?"

            It might be appropriate if both people are on a reality tv show.

            Like say, Real Housewives of San Diego.

          2. What food does she like? Level of food appreciation? Do you cook for her often yourself? If she likes food and you don't cook for her often or even if you do.... maybe you surprise her with a homemade meal/proposal. It's intimate and if you don't cook often the chaos that could ensue might be an awesome story 10, 15, 25 years from now. PM me and I'd be more than happy to help you through a few simple ideas that are excellent.

            The restaurant recos so far are great ideas and you couldn't go wrong with any of them. I like the Farm House idea most of all because of the intimacy of the place and that I know for 100% certain if you called ahead Olivea would do you guys right. I'm sure all the other places would do something special too but because of how small the Farm House is, he'd probably sit down with you guys for a few courses and chat it up making a memorable experience.

            Good luck man!