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Atlanta/Buckhead -- dinner options near the Grand Hyatt at 3300 Peachtree Road NE

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  • BRL Dec 6, 2009 03:03 PM
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Looking for casual/business casual business dinner options for this coming week in the Buckhead area. Will be staying at the Grand Hyatt and would like options that are either walkable or a short cab ride/shuttle ride away. All cuisines ok and entrees no higher than the $25 to 30 range.


BL -- DC Hound

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  1. Within a half mile of your hotel you will find Basil, The Buckhead Diner, Kyma, and the Atlanta Fish Market, just to name a few very good restaurants. They fit your request perfectly, and you can't go wrong with any of them.

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      Antica Posta

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        Antica Posta: Yes!

    2. Nikko's Bistro- New restaurant by one of Atlanta's premier restuarantaurs. Almost next door.
      Also, just south on Peachtree in a small strip center is a great breakfast/lunch joint called White House. Been going there 35 years.
      Bone's, which many consider the best steakhouse in Atlanta and beyond is across the street on Piedmont.Morton's is also nearby.