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Dec 6, 2009 02:58 PM

New Restaurant Cherry Hill NJ

Just came back from the Cherry Grill ( Now that Lin's Chinese has closed, it's the only local fleishigs restaurant. It is owned by the Lin, so they have retained the Chinese and Sushi as part of the menu, but also serve steaks and burgers now. The ambience is very nice - my daughter kept commenting that it seemed like a "real" (read: treif) restaurant.
We were there on a Sunday, so they quickly filled up. They were nice enough to bring us a roll for the baby, which was "just warmed up in the oven." As soon as it cooled slightly it was hard as a rock; it was obviously stale.
None of us were thrilled with our orders. Seeing that we were familiar with the Chinese menu, we decided to focus on the new offerings. My wife got a regular burger and I got a pastrami burger; both were terribly overcooked, and dry. The pastrami was inedible. There was no sauce (or even moisture) at all. The french fries were limp. The beer-batter onion rings were okay at best. Much more batter than onion. Ketchup was doled out in little ceramic cups, and we had to ask for several, as they brought one for the whole table. The staff did not check our water glasses or offer refills unless asked (sometimes repeatedly). On the whole the wait staff was friendly and helpful, but a little overwhelmed. (Our teen-aged daughter, who is a fussy eater, got the roast chicken, which was fine for her.)
The prices were not outrageous, but more expensive than this neighborhood is used to.
All in all, we are not in rush to try it again.

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  1. My husband and I went to Cherry Grill this past Thursday and had a very differant experiance.
    We ate Chinese, which was very good (as it always was) and even took home three lunch platters for dinner that night.
    Service was wonderful, even though they were extremely busy with catering orders for that night (they had 5-6 parties they were making food for.)
    I did see another diner who had a pastrami sandwhich (which I personally do not like) It looked very fresh and juicy and I even (for a moment) considered ordering a sandwhich as a result of just glancing at his sandwhich (I had come with a craving for Chinese)
    I am not sure what type of pricing you are used to paying in "this neighborhood" but it seemed to be in the range of any other of the nicer (non fast food) places in town (yes I eat in them too so I do know what I am talking about)
    Maybe you just went on an off day...any place can have one, or maybe you are just one of those people who are never satisfied, I dunno. I do know that the next time I am near there I will be going back, even if only to take out so I can enjoy the food later. I am pretty sure I will even make a special trip to go back one night soon for dinner, That menu sounded simply wonderful!

    1. A couple of years back when we ate at Lins, he served us microwaved rice and another microwaved main. We know this because we were freezing and happy to have warm food and was cold before we knew it. I felt foolish thanking him so heartily when he brought it to the table. I wouldn't trust them again for any other food experience. His was a fatal mistake.

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        One of my pet peeves about Chinese restaurants is stale rice and microwaved rice. Rather than make it fresh every day, the stuff from yesterday gets reheated or kept overnight in the rice cooker. No rice can stand up to such treatment without turning into Uncle Ben's Instant. It loses all taste.

      2. Anyone been to this place recently? Is it still as bad as the reviews here make it out to be?

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          Its been a whkle since I have been but I really can't understand the bad reviews. We never experianced a bad ANYTHING there. We simply don't go as we live in PA and rarely go to NJ - we simply hvave no reasin to do so.

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            Have eaten there many times. Food is really good and so is service. Don't know why they got a bad review. On a side note, the chinese menu seems a bit limited but they will pretty much make you anything you want if you ask for it.