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Dec 6, 2009 02:44 PM

Little Rock close-in downtown on a Sunday -- prefer regional and not expensive

Did some searching here and found little to answer my questions below.

Am looking for two food options in Little Rock during a planned upcoming Sunday-only day-trip jaunt from Memphis:

-a place for breakfast or brunch. Needs to be open early (ca. 6-7 AM) -- anything from diners to fancy is OK, including hotel restaurants.

-a place for a good, mid-range priced (or less) early dinner (say 5:30 PM or thereabouts). A meat-and-three, BBQ, seafood, or other regional option with quick service is a plus.

Constraints: will not have a car -- am arriving and departing via bus from the North Little Rock terminal, and will likely be on foot otherwise. Will be restricted to the downtown area near the art museum, capitol, old capitol museum, and Clinton Presidential Library and won't have time to venture from this area. Not keen to be steered into a bad part of town -- my understanding is that the part of downtown described above should be OK. And again, will be there on a Sunday.

Many thanks for any help you all can provide.

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