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Dec 6, 2009 02:42 PM

Cafe Atlántico Latin Dim Sum - Red Velvet - CoCo-Sala Report

Sunday, December, 6 2009

4 people
Total: $90.20

Soup of the Day (Celery Root w/ Chives & Yogurt) (2oz shot of soup, the truth is that i didn´t even finish it because it was a little too salty and the chicken stock was on top of the celery root).

Passion Fruit Iced Tea= I tried my friend's Iced Tea, and it was dissapointing, it's like some type of very weak infusion where i couldn't taste either passion Fruit or the Tea.

Empanadas w/ Queso Fresco and Guava Marmalade= They were Beef empanadas and it didn't say it on the menu, it just said empanadas with queso fresco and Guava Marmalade, the flavour was good but my friends were expecting a sweet tapa... perhaps Mr. Andres could be a little more specific on that dish.

Pineapple-unagi with avocado sauce= Apparently it was so good that my friend woulnd't share it. lol

Scallops with cauliflower puree= I was not crazy with the hint of vanilla on the Scallops, but they were cooked properly and the cauliflower was pretty smooth, I woulnd't order it again though.

Coconut rice, crispy rice & ginger= It was crispy, the rice was properly cooked, the coconut was on top of the ginger, I never actually tasted the ginger, i like more a sweeter coconut rice so for those who enjoy it more on the savory side this is it.

Pan dulce with cinnamon syrup= Tasted fine, like a crunchy outside/soft inside french toast, not worthy for $5 though

Seared crabcake with citrus= not too much bread, i think it was one of the most simple dishes and well done.

Grilled skirt steak “Carne Asada” = it could be the carnivore in me, but this was delicious, this is one of the few "tapas" i would order again, it was perfectly done, it was moist and the crust flavour, it was just grilled in perfection... and i know such a simple dish, but i have tried it in so many places just to end up wishing i had ordered the chicken instead =)

Seared cigala with vanilla oil= I liked the texture of it and the seasoning, the vanilla oil i wasn't thrilled because it would get on top of what i like on seafood itself. On the other hand I usually just like either garlic or lime and salt on my seafood so it may have been perfect for someone who likes more modern flavours.

Malanga chips with curry= It was good for a change of texture because of it's crispness, i woulnd't order again, it wasn't memorable.

Fried egg with mashed black beans & pork= Simple done well... except I would have liked to have cubes of pork in my beans since i never found any on my dish, the waitress said it was cooked with the beans. Beans had good seasoning & the egg was well fried.

Huitlacoche & wild mushroom quesadilla= Didn`t try it but my friend said it was really good, that's it. lol

We ordered 2 orders of 3 of these tapas and that's why the bill was that Total.

I do not considered this Dim Sum Expensive, I just think they have to keep things a little more simple when it comes to the dishes... however this is the first time I've been to Cafe Atlantico so I don't know if this is how the style is supposed to be. All I know is that each of us ordered 3 tapas and I ordered the soup and a friend ordered the Iced Tea. So it gave a total per person of $22.50

The Waitress was really nice and the fourth person arrived 20 minutes late and still they never gave trouble so I think when it came to service they were just right, I was pleased with the assistance.

They have an option for $35 per person for a whole table 14 tapas, I do not think that is worthy since it would be just 14 tapas for 4 people, unless I didn't understand the waitress properly, at the end it was better for us just to order a la carte.

We were still hungry after these dishes and we realized we were not going to feel satisfied with more tapas so we decided to leave and try the Cupcakes at Red Velvet (I did not like my Red Velvet Cupcake, it had a bizarre after taste).

After the cupcake we went to Coco-Sala for drinks Co-Cojito "my favorite" i guess i just like citrus in general, but it was good the next time i would order it a little "stronger", C3Fix (it was like a tiramisu in a drink, i liked it was strong drink), Malted Milk Martini (it tasted literally like a milkshake), and another friend ordered also the MMM.

It was a good way to end the brunch with the ladies.

I hope this wasn't too long, it is the first time a write an experience @ a restaurant.


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  1. I remember ordering the scallops with cauliflower puree and thinking it was one of the most vile things I'd ever had in a restaurant. I love cauliflower but the puree tasted nothing like cauliflower, and the texture was strangely oily. The scallops were cooked correctly though.

    I find one thing consistent about Jose Andres restaurants - 1/3 of the menu items are outstanding, 1/3 ok and 1/3 not worth ordering. I do wish they'd change things up a little more often though.

    1. you misunderstood the waitress

      the Dim Sum is 13-15 dishes for each person - it's just that the whole table has to order that menu (if you eat with 4 people, there are 4 dim sum orders, 4 orders of 13-15 dishes).

      The CoCo Sala brunch is wonderful

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      1. re: Jeserf

        Thanks for the explanation! I guess for 10 dollars more I could have tried more tapas... maybe the next time, if they add new options to the menu.

        The CoCo Sala, tell me about it, I read the Menu while having drinks, I was told by a friend though that the serving size was ridiculous small in compare for the price they charge...

        what say you, worthy? Because we talked about trying their brunch next Sunday.

        1. re: helenahimm

          one of the best brunches I've had in DC (I also loved the dim sum brunch at Cafe Atlantico)

          The main course of the brunch is not small and you will not leave hungry unless you're a linebacker. You get an amuse (kinda stupid, but tasty), a main course (had the smores french toast...amazing) and a choice of two desserts (out of 4 options). If the dessert is not in its own dish, you can take it home (which I did for my boyfriend).

          It was great. Just ask to be seated at a real table, not those stupid lounge seats. I hate that.