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Dec 6, 2009 02:31 PM

Kissena farms going kosher?????????????

Somebody told me that they heard from somebody else that kissena farms is going kosher.
Has anybody else heard this? Is this the Case?

Will they be competitive with brachs, supersol and wassermans?

Will people travel off of main st. to go food shopping?

I hope the extra competition will lower prices in all of the grocery stores. prices are so high here.

Anybody have any other info about this?

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  1. There was a rumor that this was going to become another Gourmet Glatt from the 5 towns.

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    1. re: mggn

      A friend of mine asked the workers at Brach's about the rumor regarding Gourmet Glatt moving to the Kissena Farms property. She confirmed the rumor.

    2. both replies incorrect. its not gourmet glatt. its going to opened by a previous manager of gourmet glatt. its not associated with gourmet glatt. It will a full service kosher store - and will very much compete with brachs's on price - in a real way. They have a parking lot as well - an invaluable asset. They have totally ripped out everything from the old kissena farms - and really redone it to be a nice full service store. It should be open - not too long after chanuka.

      1. a little birdie just told me Aron's Kissena Farms should be fully stocked by 2/2.

        I hope the place lives up to the hype,
        cause I hate asking my brother to schlepp
        dry goods for me from Midwood...

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        1. re: Joe Berger

          I can confirm this - I just got a circular advertising Aron's Kissena Farms grand opening on 2/2. Hecsher will be under the Vaad of Queens.