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Dec 6, 2009 02:25 PM

looking for something that says DALLAS!

My wife and I are coming to Dallas in March. We have a few fine dining options we are looking at (mainly Lola's, Nonna and Craft, possibly one of Pyles' restaurants), but we want a night where we go somewhere casual that is just says Dallas. A nice steakhouse would be good, but anything else that better defines the area in a casual way would be great. Any ideas?

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  1. Lola's is gone: you're hitting all the other places that say Dallas!

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    1. re: dfwdean

      Thanks for the tip on Lola's. I hadn't read that anywhere else, but there is a very good chance I just skipped over it.

      I looked back, and I wasn't clear on my first post. On most nights, we are going to make the time to really enjoy our meals as part of the trip. But on one night, we are going to see the Stars, and we won't be in a situation to hit something more upscale. We hate the idea of being somewhere new and eating at a chain so I was checking to see if there was somewhere we could go in very casual attire before the game that would be unique to Dallas/Texas.

      1. re: jmikes

        On the night you go to the Stars game, you might consider Mia's on Lemmon Ave. Excellent Tex Mex and a Dallas institution. Get the brisket tacos. It's close to the Tollway and you could be at the AAC in 15 minutes.

        4322 Lemmon Ave
        Dallas, TX 75219
        214 526-1020

        1. re: Scagnetti

          When my wife hears the words "Brisket Tacos" I am pretty sure this is where we have to go. Thanks!

          1. re: jmikes

            There's another place called Manny's which also has killer brisket tacos. There's a Manny's Uptown location which is also close to AA. I don't entirely understand the relationship but Manny used to work for Mia and the brisket tacos made the jump. They're also in enchiladas, etc. You should hit up a TexMex place though. Enchiladas and margaritas before the Stars is pretty Dallas.

          2. re: Scagnetti

            Second Mia's. Nothing says Texas like Tex-Mex and their brisket tacos are great. Where are you coming from and where are you staying? Other cuisines that are distinctly good in Dallas (still depending on where you're coming from) are: BBQ, Tex-Mex, Mexican, Vietnamese and Southern food.

            1. re: demigodh

              Coming from North Carolina, and staying downtown at the aLoft hotel, near the Convention Center. We are staying 5 nights, and Mexican would really be great. We can get Southern here, so looking for something different. We can eat the stuff ya'll call BBQ and enjoy it, we'll just have to call it something else :).

              1. re: jmikes

                For very good Tex-Mex, Mexican, both, "Manny's Uptown" and, (the original and, iconic) "El Fenix" are, for all intent and purposes, downtown. My personal preference: Manny's Uptown.
                Both have websites.

                1. re: jmikes

                  man, i do love NC bbq. Maybe you could try some beef bbq while you're down here, i know how y'all don't like cow in the Carolinas. Brisket and chopped beef are good at Meshacks in Garland. For Mexican, I really like Cuquitas (several locations) and many different taquerias depending on what you want. Good parts of town for tacos include Webb Chapel and Lombardy, Jefferson Ave (in Oak Cliff), Park Ave and Skillman. For Vietnamese, which is excellent in Dallas, you want to head to Richardson. I recommend Pho Pasteur for Pho. And I'll reiterate the Mia's recommendation which is a great Tex Mex spot, nothing at all like Mexican. Enjoy your time here but do avoid the pulled pork, you will be disappointed.

        2. You might consider, S&D Oyster House on McKinney Avenue. That should suit your bill for "very Dallas". Established since 1976. Very casual and close to downtown. Terrific seafood.