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Dec 6, 2009 02:10 PM

Cheese Tasting Party Ideas?

I am thinking of throwing a cheese tasting party for christmas or new years perhaps. What are some good cheeses and sides to have for a first timer? Preferably nothing too expensive! (Starving student here!)

Thanks!! :)

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  1. If you have a good cheese shop they could probably put together a plate on your budget. I like to have a blue cheese, a hard cheese, and a soft cheese. Grapes and nuts are nice on the side. Lots of bread and crackers.

    1. I just came from paris and had a wonderful lunch at a friends 8th floor artist studio: loaf of great bread, grape tomatoes, and 3 cheeses (a blue, a swiss and a nice cheddar)

      1. I second the idea about working with a reputable cheese shop, they will be able to help you out with choices within a budget. There's much to know about cheese, many choices and the stuff can be pricey.
        For a cheese tasting, I usually pick a cheese from each catagory, a cheddar (hard), a soft ripened, a Swiss-type, a goat and a blue, to start with.
        It seems that you may be in Brookyn NY, I assume that from your nom de plume, and if you are you have great cheese shops in the city (Murrary's is my fave) and a couple good ones in Brooklyn, Stinky Brooklyn and Bedford Cheese.
        If you're not in Brooklyn, I tried...

        1. Thanks for the ideas! As for being in Brooklyn, as much as my heart yearns for NYC, I am actually in SLC (Salt Lake City). I'll check around I'm sure there has to be a decent cheese shop here. Thanks again!!!

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            It looks like perhaps The Cheese House is the place for you to go in SLC for gourmet cheeses.


          2. Cheap cheese=Trader Joe's, if you have them there.

            I usually do Pecorino Romano/Dubliner/Parrano for the hard cheese, a brie, and TJ's has a really good fruited stilton, I think it's mango? Grapes, pistachios, dried cranberries, bread, maybe a caramelized onion or fig jam and you are good to go!