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Cellophane Bags in Boston?!

Economic down turn and helper elves, ie my kids, have me making chocolate items as my holiday 'thank you' present. Any one know where I can buy cellophane bags (ideally colored) in Boston?

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  1. Not Boston, but the ashland Dollar Tree (chain) had holiday cello bags. I don't know how many per pack.

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      I usually make food gifts for my kids at Christmas (ChowMD - haven't done chocolates for a long time - you gave me the idea - thx!) Was at the Lynn Dollar Tree yesterday (where I bought them last yr). Was hoping to report back that they had them there, but I couldn't find them (it was crowded, and I may have missed them). I actually have some from last yr, so I don't need any - the pack I got then had quite a few.

      They have various packs of small boxes that are handy for chocolates, too. But I'd call ahead if one is traveling a distance to make sure they are stocked up (on the other hand, I never find a trip there wasted - there's always something I find useful!)

    2. I saw holiday ones at iParty today. I bought some clear, undecorated ones at Target.

      1. I bought some today at Michaels in Wellington Circle.... cute with gingerbread men. They also had some non holiday bags. They come with bendy ties. Very affordable.

        1. I haven't checked this year, but you can usually buy them at the party store on Beacon Street in Brookline (Coolidge Corner area). Sorry, I forget the name.

          1. Hi there! I was on the lookout over the weekend for my own holiday confections and I found a pretty nice selection at China Fair on Mass. Ave in Cambridge.

            1. Party Favors should have them.

              1. found them today at china fair on mass ave. $2 for 30.

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                  China Fair is such a great resource. I only wish that their website was more comprehensive.

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                    was looking through the williams-sonoma catalog, when they have 12 -- yes, i said TWELVE -- red-striped cellophane bags for $19. crazy. all you have to do is tie a plain one with some ribbon and it's more than festive.

                2. Thanks all - very helpful. There is another China Fair tucked away on Needham St in Newton Highlands. Will check it out.