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Dec 6, 2009 01:03 PM

Birthday Dinner in Newport, Rhode Island

Hi All. I am taking my fiance to Newport Rhode Island next weekend for his 30th birthday. He LOVES Italian food. Can anyone recommend a really great Italian restaurant? (We're staying in the gas-lit Historic Hill district, near the sights). I can splurge for this one... Great food, romantic, etc.! Thanks!

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  1. i was just in Newport for the first time last month for a wedding, and while i don't have a recommendation for you, i do feel compelled to warn you to steer clear of the Hotel Viking. the rooms, service *and* food were all awful.

    having said that, it really is a charming, quaint little town, and you two will have a wonderful time. be sure to dress warmly - it can get *very* windy there in the evening!

    1. Newport has some nice Italian restaurants not too romantic but simple good food. Mama Luisa's is BYOB, Lucia is another both are small. the Closest one in in East Greenwich about 25 min ride called Siena very nice excellent food. If not then a romantic place it does serve classical French is Restaurant Bouchard in Newport, Good bet is the Moorning and ask for the harbor view Excellent food.

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        I love Restaurant Lucia also (BYOB) and Mama Louisa is great, not BYOB. My favorite Italian, I must say, in Newport is Peurini's. Always very consistant, nice atmosphere and wonderful food. Newport is so nice around the holidays!

      2. Thank you! Seems like great recs so far! Thank you for the tip goodhealthgourmet. We are staying at The Almondy, so hopefully it'll be a better visit than the Hotel Viking. :) Also, I should have mentioned that we are NOT seafood eaters! None of these places look to have THE BEST ambience, or maybe it's just that the websites don't do them justice? Good food is the top priority though, I think, so I will look into Lucia, Mama Luisa's & Peurini's!

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          All three of the restaurants Lucia, etc.. are nice and have great food but none really have any "action". After dinner we often go to The Clarke Cooke house for a drink. It is very pretty, fireplaces lit, lots of activity, great people watching, sometimes a small band and downstairs is a nightclub, The Boom Boom room if you like to dance.

        2. If it's Italian you are looking for, then 100% I would recommend Mamma Luisa. The atmosphere is very cozy in a house setting. The staff is always very nice. The food is wonderful, authentic and just right portions. They have a very good wine list as well, but no liquor if you want mixed drinks. You would likely drive from your hotel though because that would be about a mile drive otherwise. We just did a 5 course tasting there last week and it was a lot of fun and very tasty. hope you have fun!

          Mamma Luisa Italian Restaurant
          673 Thames St, Newport, RI 02840

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            I'm a HUGE fan of Mamma Luisa's - comforting italian, homey. Wonderful italian food!
            I would 100% recommend it, as well!


          2. Any chance you can swing by Providence for your Italian meal? There are so many great Italian joints in PVD, like Siena, Pane e Vino, Camille's, Zooma, Walter's, Bacaro and Constantino's. Andinos and Cassarino's are more basic, red sauce places, but certainly have their followers (we love having drinks at Cassarino's).

            Newport has some great spots, but I don't consider any of them really what you're looking for for a blow-out, celabratory meal.

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              I agree....Newport is not really known for their Italian restaurants. Mama Lusia's is the best IMO. For real Italian, people go to the Hill in Providence. That being said, many restaurants do some good Italian "inspired" dishes, and there are plenty of fine meals to be had in Newport that aren't seafood.

              If you are looking solely for Italian though, I'd pick Mama Luisa's. Puerini's, Sardella's and Restaurant Lucia can be hit or miss depending on the crowds and specials they're running.