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Dec 6, 2009 12:59 PM

Recommendations for All-Inclusive in Dominican Republic, please?

We want to take a week of vacation in 2010 right after Easter in April. We love great food. Does anyone have a resort to recommend?

Many thanks!

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  1. For our honeymoon this upcoming March, we are staying at the Zoetry Agua Punta Cana, which opened this past November 1. Zoetry has operated a resort in Mexico, and the food is supposed to be excellent, with an emphasis on local, organically grown food. The Punta Cana also aims for this level of food. Given that it is new, there is some risk, but we are gonna give it a shot!

    See here for a review of the Mexico Zoetry resort: - got a very good overall score, and a very nice food score.

    1. Let me warn you: I have stayed in two all-inclusives in Punta Cana, and the food was downright horrible. First, the Club Med. These guys don't have a clue. In particular, meats are horrible, salads can be ok, desserts ok too, but overall it is extremely weak... poor quality cuts, with just odd preparations, overcooked, blah. And they have made an effort in the past few years, with what they must believe are gourmet style, individual preparations along with the buffets. Just miserable. We have been there due to family preference, about 6 years. Then we went to another place, I don't remember the name, just as bad. Would probably remember if I heard it. Be careful and good luck!!!

      1. Personally I'd say stay away from the all-inclusives, they don't give you a feel for the country or its wonderful people at all. Casaveintiuno in Sosua reads well on tripadvisor, as does a place in Las Terrenas - may have been called Plantation House? Best of luck.

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          I'm at Casa Veintiuno right now. It's lovely. A three room B and B with a wonderful restaurant in Sosua, a funky, interesting with a great beach. What more can I say.

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            Lucky you! We LOVE Sosua! We call the moon-shaped local beach to its immediate west "shops by the beach" and Cabarete is "restaurants by the beach." Have you found Papi's Shrimp, a dish served at a restaurant in Cabarete? I recall a post with the name of the restaurant, it's one of the two-story places on the beach....

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            I am with PatZy....honestly, what's the point of an AI? You don't get to savour the cuisine and truly experience the island..if you MUST do an AI, choose an island the specializes cuisine..or a property at least..being in the travel industry 25 years I can say other islands will suit you better...Curtain Bluff (Antigua) comes to mind..For me the culinary capital of the Caribbean is Anguilla..phew...