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Dec 6, 2009 12:08 PM

oysters in london

having been very uninterested in oysters i've developed a real taste for them over the past few months. where in london do people recommend i eat them?

i went to bentleys on swallow st yesterday and had a wonderful mixed plate which meant i could compare and contrast which was a great way to get a sense of how they can vary. where else should i try?

and what about buying and preparing them myself? any tips on where to get them?


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  1. HIX oyster bar and chop house.
    even borough market....

    1. J Sheekey! Just go to the bar.

      Randall & Aubin also fun.

      Also, Spitalfields on Sundays...McManus Brothers. I think he also does Borough on Saturdays.

      1. I've seen at least two different oyster vendors at Borough Market on Saturdays. They sell them closed to go, or for a bit more they'll shuck them for you to eat on the spot.

        1. For buying them yourself any decent fishmonger should be a good bet, I didn't live in London but in Bath, I had three good sources which included the wet fish counter at Waitrose. If you are really keen I understand one of the best way of getting them in bulk is by mail order as they are really fresh.

          As it is Christmas a good pressie to put on the list is to ask for a chainmail glove and oyster knife. They are not cheap but are very safe and ensure shucking with confidence.

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            I'd agree about any decent fishmonger. The one in the next village to ours usually has good oysters

          2. thanks for the tips everyone, i shall work my way through them.

            i'll try and get the stallholders mentionned to give me tips on opening them so i reduce the likelihood of failure when i try myself!