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Dec 6, 2009 11:55 AM

High Park Cafe and Restaurant

First time to this place on Thursday for a not bad daily special of an 8 oz strip of beef with onions, veg and potatoes. Including a pretty good navy bean soup for $9.99. On returning on Saturday the cooking ability of the kitchen was totally missing.

Chose the advertised souvlaki dinner, opted for pork, because subing in chicken was an additional 3 dollars.. I didn't know you could purchase pork with so much gristle, must be a special order at the butcher supply. Totally unchewable! Salad and rice was ok, potatoes totally missing!

This is an excellent way to get at risk kids off the street, so it seems, as all the wait staff would be cast as street kids in the movie. All wore baggy blue dress shirts outside the pants. One guy even was wearing a baseball cap, jauntily backwards on his head. I guess to emphasize the lip piercing!

Tried to tell the waitress the meat was inedible, but seemed like she had heard that before, and whisked the plates off with out a pause. My friend had the burger and fries, which would have embarrassed MacDonalds i how bad it was for an amazing 11 dollars! .

This resto could be a hidden gem in the middle of a beautiful park setting. Too bad the City of Toronto doesn't give a rats ass who runs it as long as the lease is paid.

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  1. I'm guessing that this is the Grenadier Restaurant in High Park. I've only eaten their $2.99 breakfast (7 - 11AM, M - F), which is quite substantial with three eggs any style ,toast, hashed browns, jam, sausage-bacon-ham choice,and other stuff...Coffee and juice extra.

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      I have been there twice on Saturdays and had the Roast Beef dinner special. Not bad for the price. The place is advertised as a "family-style" not the Grenadier fancy place of my childhood. The place seems full of families with children and parents and grandparents.
      You get what you pay for. There is probably a turnover in wait staff. My wait staff were middle-aged.
      Sorry you had a baad experience.

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