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Dec 6, 2009 11:49 AM

Copper cookware--Frabrication France, Cuivre de Cerdon

So if you read my previous post, I stumbled upon 2 pieces of copper cookware with cast iron handles..a 24 cm skillet and 16 cm saucepan. They were stamped "Fabrication France" which, according to, is the "Mark on a good small copper saucepan supplied recently in France by Cuivre de Cerdon. It is believed that the items may have been made in Morocco for distribution in France."

I googled Cuivre de Cerdon but don't see the exact pieces I was looking at (stamped with the Frabrication France). In particular, I was curious as to their lining and copper thickness.

Has anyone in blogland ever seen anything like this?

Many thanks...-EM

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  1. Copper thickness: Measure it. It's the only way. Even Mauviel makes 4 different thicknesses of copper, so the name means nothing.

    Tin or SS: Look at the rivets. Copper rivets mean tin lining, SS rivets mean SS lining, aluminum rivets mean it's an aluminum pan that's only copper plated. Tin lining is also easy to spot if it's 'hand-wiped', as the interior won't be perfectly smooth.

    1. Hard to know how reliable the info on the Oldcopper website really is. "Fabrication Francaise" (the actual mark illustrated on the website) means "made in France," so it's unclear why someone concluded that a piece with that stamp was made in Morocco!