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Dec 6, 2009 11:26 AM

Need Help Choosing Between Le Cinq, Guy Savoy, and Lasserre

My husband and I are going to be in Paris the last week in December, and we want to have one really fabulous dinner. We want top notch food, warm service, and a romantic atmosphere. Price isn't too much of a concern for this meal. We're both in our late 20's and are foodies who will eat pretty much anything as long as it tastes good.

I've narrowed down our choices to Le Cinq, Guy Savoy, and Lasserre, but I'm finding myself unable to make a final decision. Any help in choosing between these three would be very much welcome.

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  1. Sure Souphie will chime in, and well he should, but l have been to the first two within the month. While nothing can exceed the service at Guy Savoy, Le Cinq sure came close, and with food l felt was far more varied, interesting and plated beautifully. Add to that a room that is worthy of royalty and a wine list that is far more fairly priced, and Le Cinq gets my vote.

    1. Savoy can't compete in the top notch food category. It is nevertheless a wonderful restaurant. Lasserre is spectacular, a memory of Paris in the 50s, coattailed waiters, sunroof and quite excellent food -- Nomicos is probably the best of all the Ducasse boys.

      I've been advocating Le Cinq almost obsessively for over a year on this board, so you won't be surprised that my vote goes there as well. That said, Lasserre and Savoy feel more Parisian, methinks. But Briffard is the best chef in town right now, methinks, and it has all these extraordinary extras -- room, service, wine, the magnificence of the hotel itself and the value of the lunch deal itself (especially compared to ALC and its jetset prices).

      1. I vote for Le Cinq as well. Their lunch menu is a rare bargain with fantastic quality. Lasserre is good, too, but some of their entrées are the same as the amuse-bouches, and you don't get the latter until you've already ordered the former; moreover, they sweeten the vegetables a bit much to my taste. I personally am not happy with the food at Savoy.

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