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Dec 6, 2009 11:09 AM

Dark chocolate

Looking for somewhere downtown that sells BULK dark (70 % plus) chocolate for holiday baking. . Any recommendations?

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  1. There are half-blocks of Callebaut from.. Ed's Real Scoop in Leslieville. You'll want to call ahead. I'm not sure what percentages they had. They also have chips. This is the 920 Queen St. Location.

    1. If it is closer to you:

      The same Callebaut dark chocolate can also be found at the large food store at the St. Lawrence Market basement, the one at the corner where they sell a lot of miscellaneous dried foodstuff. The dark chocolate bricks are broken into various sizes and individually wrapped. I can recall they also carry other bulk (and non-bulk) chocolate too, quite a large selection for such a small space.

      1. I haven't tried them, but Loblaws sells President's Choice dark chocolate bars (72% cocoa). They are large 300 gram bars for $4 each and imported from France.

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          Lindt's outlet store usually has dark chocolate at close out prices, a few months away from the expiry date.

          Lindt Chocolate Boutique
          2250 Markham Rd, Toronto, ON M1B, CA

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            I was just in a Lindt Boutique also on the Queensway. Got a 2.5 kilo bad of chocolate pieces for $30..

        2. I just saw some large bars of dark chocolate in a couple of different percentages at the Bulk Barn. It's Belgian and the bars are not in the bulk bins, but in a separate display (at least at the store I was in). The bars are $2.99 each - I think a very good deal. Can't remember the size but one of those bigger ones similar to the President's Choice.

          1. Callebaut is available at Chocolate Addict on Baldwin in Kensington Market.