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Dec 6, 2009 11:04 AM

Which Microplane grater/zester would you buy?

I finally tried a friend's Microplane and naturally now have to have one. She had the "classic" long one. Do the teeth wrapping around the side of this present problems for anyone when cleaning? Is this long one better than the hand-held ones with larger grating areas?

I originally wanted it for zesting and for occasional on-the-plate cheese grating, but since it was so good, I'm also now thinking maybe I should get a bigger one to replace my box grater.... I can't decide.


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  1. I have the original, also used for zesting and cheese grating. I also have the medium ribbon grater which is nice to have when you want the 'ribbons' and the spice grater. It all depends on what you want to do with it. Certainly the original long one is a great place to start and will take care of most of your grating needs.
    No problem cleaning just dry well as you would do with any steel object.

    1. I have several. The original long rasp is good for most things but a broad hunk of cheese. Still, I love that little container that holds a whole nutmeg and a short stick of cinnamon and has a grater that grates into a container that sprinkles or pours. Yes, it's gimmicky but it's also cute and serviceable.

      1. I have the original long one plus two handled, broader microplanes contained within a black plastic frame, one coarse and one fine/medium (which is the same as the long skinny one). I use all three and like them very much, but they aren't a replacement for a box grater. The shreds are quite fine and airy. But if you want thicker shreds, like cheese for a gratin or any other number of uses, or need grated vegetables, then you'll still want the box grater.

        1. I have the large, medium, and zest paddle graters. I never thought of buying the long skinny ones because I thought the use would be quite limited (like rainey said, it's not good for a broad hunk of cheese).

          I don't own a box grater, I thought it would be pretty much the same as resting the grater on a bowl?

          1. I have the boarder one. Not by the same company, but essentially the same and not cheaper.


            I think the boarder one is better because it is more vesatile. However, it is entirely up to you. The narrow/long one is slightly cheaper and maybe slightly safer because the cutting area is smaller. Imagine holding and grating a small lime and you will understand what I mean.

            I have not tried the coarse microplane, so I cannot give you advices on using it to replace a box grater.