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Dec 6, 2009 10:44 AM

One night in Ottawa - where to go?

One night w/o the kids, and I'd like to eat at someplace memorable. That doesn't mean the most expensive place, but it's got to be good (and good value). Some thoughts:

Wellington Gastropub
Murray Street

But I'm open to suggestions too.

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  1. Beckta for quality, innovation, eloquence and service, Whalebone for atmosphere, quality and casualness.
    I haven't tried Atelier but I hear it is memorable. Our bookings were sidelined when we caught the flu. It is on the bucket list.
    If you're driving stop into Kingston and get to Luke's. Well worth it, very memorable. Not everyone's idea of a menu yet some outstanding dishes. Check that they're open.

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    1. re: gmonsour

      The only ones on your list I have been to are Beckta and Kinki, but I highly recommend Beckta. I go to Ottawa every year to visit my friend on her birthday - we have been to Social, Black Cat, Domus, and most recently Beckta. I had been to Canoe a few weeks before going to Beckta, and have to say my night at Beckta was superior. I did also really enjoy the food at Domus, and the service was competent but nothing like Beckta.

    2. Personally I prefer to Domus to all of the ones of your list. Beckta would be second. I have found my meals at Beckta inconsistent. It was always like dining at Susur in Toronto, great highs but also some disappointing lows. I was never disappointed with anything at Domus.

      Kinki was terrible when I went, but I only went once and usually don't rely on one visit to form an opinion, every place can have an off night.

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      1. re: JPJ

        I would drop Kinki off the list as well, trendy and flaky service.

        My top two picks would be Beckta or Domus.

      2. My partner and I had a great meal at Whalesbone last night - terrific oysters, lively atmosphere and excellent small plates too.

        1. I don't live in Ottawa, but on our visit we ate at Bekta, Atelier and Fraser's cafe. Fraser's was the best and Atelier was the worst.