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Dec 6, 2009 10:37 AM

Any Ethnic Celebratory Dinner for 4 In Valley

This site has always been my saving grace whenever I needed advice. I am now 84 years old. (Yep, I've added a year!) Those of you who know me will remember that about three years ago I "adopted" my care giver ( Paulina / 50) and her two daughters (Vivi /26 and Leslie / 22) as my "grandchildren". Each time I have taken them out to dinner you have provided me with exactly what I was hoping to find. Now, the oldest daughter (Vivi) is on the cusp of being given a major promotion in city governmernt. (Burbank). When it becomes official (most likely before the end of the month), I want to take them to some special restaurant to celebrate. I'd like something that is a little more up-scale in ambience and service than casual; any ethnic or non-ethnic food as long as it's magnificent ; moderately expensive without my having to blow my entire social security check; perferably in the San Fernando Valley (but not mandatory); with a bar where ( if we wish) we can even order a bottle of champagne. Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated.

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  1. I hear good things (but have not been myself) about Marche LA, which is the restaurant formerly known as Max, on Ventura Blvd. and Dixie Canyon in Sherman Oaks.

    If you're willing to head east a little bit, you could go to Bistro Provence in Burbank. It's in an unlovely strip mall and it looks closed (it isn't), but once inside it's very cute, and you can certainly get your bottle of champagne there.

    I also like Mistral on Ventura Blvd., a little bit west of Marche LA in Sherman Oaks, though it's quite loud and the tables quite close together.

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      Thank you for your response. The three of them sound interesting and different. And that's what I'm hoping to find. I'll check them out. Thanks again.