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Dec 6, 2009 10:32 AM

Copper cookware manufacture/information help please!

So I was in a Marshall/TJ Maxx type store and came upon 2 pieces of cast-iron handled, copper cookware: a 24 cm skillet at 16 cm sauce pot. Next to the handles was the imprint "Fabrication France." (If I read it correctly, it was tiny.)

I've googled and can't find out anything about the manufacturer. I just want to know the mm of the copper and whether the lining is SS or tin.

Can anyone out there in blogland help?


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  1. Yesterday I picked up an approx. 5-6 quart copper dutch oven at a flea market. It was severely oxidized on the outside, easily cleaned with white vinegar and table salt, but also well cooked in on the inside with significant heat tints and some small amount of burned on black matter.

    Before I attack the burned on interior, I am trying to determine if the interior is stainless steel or tin. I can't see any copper through the interior coating, however there are a few cracks along the edge between the bottom and the side.

    When I cleaned the outside copper surface a partial, small stamped engraving became visible " France" and "...Jour"immediately above it.

    The pot has very fine hammer marks visible on the outside of the pot at the top which is visible above the bronze handles. The handles themselves are obviously hammered and attached to the pot with three heavy copper rivets.

    It is a very heavy pot, and measuring by eye, it appears that it's 2.5 mm thick.

    Is there some way that I can test to see if the interior is covered in tin or SS? Does anyone have any info about the manufactureer?

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      Yes, there is a test and you can do it on your stove top. Tin melts at a much lower temperature (232oC) than stainless steel. Ok, I guess you cannot really use this test :P

    2. E_M, I saw both your posts about these purchases, and replied to the other one, but the (copper) penny just dropped: I think your pieces were made by Baumalu, located in Alsace, France. If so, the lining is most likely tin. As for thickness of the copper, you'll have to measure it, as Baumalu seems to use different thicknesses for different product lines. I bought a couple of 2-mm-thick Baumalu pieces a while back at either TJ Maxx or HomeGoods, and they bear the same stamp that's depicted in the "Old Copper" site you linked to in your other post: the words "Fabrication Francaise" encircling the outline of France. Each of my pieces came with a paper tag identifying the manufacturer as Baumalu and stating, "The inside of this piece has been tin plated by hand, thus there is a possibility of some slight irregularities." However, the tin linings are actually very smooth, and look rather thin, as if electroplated. You need to clean the outside of the pieces with acetone before use, to remove the lacquer that protects the finish during shipping. I haven't cooked with the stuff yet, so can't comment on its performance; but if you Google "Baumalu" you'll find some info out there, including a thread or two on

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      1. This is my first time on the board! I have several pieces of copper cookware that I bought about 19 years ago. I only used them for decoration. They are marked with "villedieu france" - I think they must be tinned not stainless steel. The inside has a "thin" look if that makes any sense! I am wondering what quality these pans might be. I have cooked in them several times and they cook very well. Does anyone have any information on these pans?