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Dec 6, 2009 10:26 AM

Coffeeshops in Sarasota?!?!

I'm a college student in Boston who goes down to Sarasota with the parentals every December. I love coffeeshops and Sarasota News and Books basically saved my life every time I've been down in FL - great coffee, non-intrusive ambiance, food, indoor + outdoor seating, cool people, could hang out there as long as I wanted. Today was on facebook and found out THEY'RE GONE?!?! This is a crime against all humanity aged under 50 and living in sarasota. Are there any other coffeeshops in Sarasota where a guy can spend an afternoon/evening reading/drinking? What are they like?

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  1. Creative Loafing has a current story on this that you can Google for details. Besides Starbucks, we have Bistro Du Monde 5119 N. Tamiami Trail, Fuel Cafe 2161 Siesta Drive, Monkey Paws in Lakewood Ranch, and Maverick Coffee 4615 S. Tamiami Trail. I've been in Fuel (excellent!) and Maverick, but only when it was Local Coffee & Tea. Local C&T is one of my favs and is in Marie Selby and on Siesta Key.

    1. There isn't a lot of humanity aged under 50 living in Sarasota.


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        Sarasota News is reopening soon under the name of: Main St Books and Cafe...
        Its going to be similar but more emphasis on the Cafe--I think.
        There is another place to hang out on Osprey. It's just off 41, and called Metro -- I think.