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Dec 6, 2009 10:14 AM

Lebanese restaurant in Paris

Does anyone recommend a Lebanese restaurant in Paris? I found As du Falafel for quick take out, but I'm looking for a classic, sit down, dinner. Doesn't have to be fancy, casual is good. I want to take friends that have never eaten Lebanese before so I'd like to be able to just order a large assortment of mezze and pass plates!

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  1. This site lists at least 3 that I've been to.

    Al Ajami is high end best hoummous I've ever had. Noura is very busy and good and affordable, the Pavillion is higher end. Rimal matches Noura.

    There are lesser known ones s/a Mont Liban on Batignolle that are good and casual. I think your friends will appreciate Noura, Rimal, or Mont Liban.


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      I happen to be partial to Noura, in part because I can visit the boutique and schlep home another meal and desserts.

      John talbott

    2. Faubourg Saint Honoré, almost Place des Ternes, just by La Maison du Chocolat, is an excellent mid-range Lebanese called Naî. One of the very fancy Lebanese in town is Fakhr El Dine, on Longchamp @ Bouquet de Longchamp.

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      1. We usually go to Rimal (near Parc Monceau) because it is near our apt., I have eaten at the Noura restaurants many times also. They have a catering business as well and have several venues, including a restaurant at the Institut du Monde Arabe. Both Noura and Rimal are very good. There is also Liza, a "modern" Lebanese restaurant in the rue de la Banque in the 2nd, near the Bourse, which has a good reputation.