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Favorite foods [moved from Home Cooking]

My favorite food is steak. What's yours?

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      1. or lays potato chips original!!! LOL (no recipes required)

        1. This is a tough one. I really don't know. I can narrow it down to a top five. Steak, avocado, blue cheese (or any cheese), sushi, crab legs in lemon butter sauce.

          1. All time favorite..chocolate..runner up, cheese

            1. Lasagne made with homemade pasta and Bolognese, recipes from Marcella Hazan. Takes a lot of time to make it but it is exquisite.

              1. Okra stew (with lean stewing beef) and rice (with vermicelli)

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                  You don't happen to have a recipe handy do ya? Sounds fantastic.

                2. depends on the mood lol.




                  1. Me, cheese, all sorts.
                    Mr. Bushwick, bacon.

                    1. We eat so many good foods: crab, steak, fried turkey, and on and on. But nothing beats a great hamburger.

                      1. Hands down it has to be PIZZA! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Good thing I am making the dough right now.

                        1. steak, ice cream, spaghetti