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Dec 6, 2009 09:20 AM


Anyone been? Reviews?

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  1. We were there this weekend, and while others have posted indignant reviews about a lack of authenticity--we had an excellent dining experience. We were capping a stressful week with a late supper. We all wanted comfort food within a 10 minute drive of mid-Wilshire. My son wanted healthy, my husband wanted gluten-free and I had already suggested a box of See's candy in bed as a realistic alternative. So, a trip to Garden Grove wasn't an option, and we didn't really care that Pho doesn't really rhyme with 90210. We had huge bowls of flavorful broth (with the fixings), attentive service and the son liked the music they were playing. What more can we ask for? I hope they stay in business so we can have more nights like this....

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      I'm glad you liked it. I would like it to be good since there are no choices on the Westside for good Vietnamese food. But I do think that the name does suggest a bit of "tone deafness". I would think that it would mean that the owner didn't understand Vietnamese. The one thing that still holds my interest is that the owner had Michela on 3rd St. I ate there once and thought it was pretty decent.

      One way to avoid the bad pho pun naming controversy is to serve something besides Pho. In Vietnam you go to a Pho restaurant for Pho. If you want Bun Bo Hue, you go to a Bun Bo Hue restaurant. Personally, I think Pho is a dish that is difficult to make well. People think it is easy, but if one component is off (bland soup, gloppy noodles, etc), it can be just another insipid bowl of noodles.

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        I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and suggest that she understands her market (i.e. Beverly Hills) and is sacrificing language for a pun.....I am a fan of Vietnamese food as well, and remember when there was a pretty decent Vietnamese restaurant at, I think Euclid and Wilshire, in Santa Monica. (Ouch that was a long time ago...) But I think different restaurants, in different locations, serve different needs, and sometimes purity can be an impediment to success. So let's cheer on the little shot across the bow and hope that this will be the first in a westside Ventamense restaurant invasion...